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  1. Because then you risk an injury happening during those "nondistrict" games on a Tuesday night between every Friday district game.
  2. One reason travel doesn't matter for football is most varsity games are played on Friday or Saturday instead of a Tuesday. It makes a big difference when you play a team in basketball on Tuesday night 150 miles away then you expect the kids to also give effort in the classroom the next day. I know what about middle school football and sub-varsity football. Teams that have those spread out districts are starting to join leagues where they play the schools closer to them that aren't the same size. Using the district with Shepherd for example, I would not be surprised if they decided to try to play local teams like Coldspring and Livingston on Thursday night instead of traveling to Carthage.
  3. I like kids. I just don't agree with how the school system is ran now a days. There is no more backbone. As soon as there is a little conflict with a parent not liking how something is done or somebody was a little hard on their kid, the school system caves and does what the parent wants. I'm not saying this is the case for all schools though.
  4. I think it also has to do with the fact that kids can go around and pretty much do whatever they want and a parent tell them it is not their fault they are getting in trouble but the teachers. A constant struggle with kids and their technology during class instead of listening to what is being taught they are worried about social media. They fail a test, but it isn't their fault, "the teacher didn't teach them right", or "that's not the way my child learns". When in reality they were on their phone all class period. Then they fail and you are required to allow the students to come in and retake an assignment for a 70 when the student did nothing in class until the last 5 minutes a guess on everything but the parents complain about the student grade so they get to redo it. Needless to say, there are a lot of factors that are contributing to teachers leaving the industry. No accountability by parents or administration. And the low pay sucks too lol
  5. Feels like a thread for winning programs. Teams that are not historically winning teams list would turn into who beat them the worst or the time they played a team that had 1 win on the season and they are battling for the 4th playoff spot in a 5 team district. And yes that is my school so I am not even sure how to go about this list lol.
  6. If Jasper keeps getting all of those penalties then this game will be much closer than it should be. Athletically Jasper is better. I am not sure how disciplined they are though. At the beginning of the year I had Jasper playing for the state championship but I am not sure anymore. It is week 12 and they are still making mistakes and getting dumb penalties. At some point they have got to figure out that they are better than most teams in the state and just play football without all the extra stuff. I do think Bellville will keep it very interesting. I will be attending this one if the weather holds off. I have Jasper by 1 td
  7. I was just doing this math myself. I am 100% okay with 4 teams making the playoffs with this number of 4 seeds beating district champions. It is crazy when a 10-0 teams lose in the first round to teams that barely make the playoffs. But I am a big fan of the underdog. The upsets are more than likely going to happen in the bigger schools but you gotta love the 2a 4 seeds that win the first round playoff game.
  8. To run the Slot-T good, the kids have to 100% buy into it. It is a mentality. But when kids watch college or professional football they don't see any teams running it so it is hard to get kids bought into it. The problem with HJ was that their defense couldn't stop people from scoring and the Slot-T is not the offense you run if you need to come from behind or get into a score every possession battle. They scored quite a bit this year though. Most Slot-T teams don't score more than 30 points a game. You have to have a strong defense and run that clock when you do have the ball in order to be successful. At the end of the day, I don't like the Slot-T but that is my 2 cents on it.
  9. HJ is probably the best 1-9 team in the state. They played a pretty tough non-district schedule and that district is very tough and they managed to make the playoffs. They are better than their record indicates.
  10. But there is a big difference on what plays you call based on what front the defense gives you. There is a bunch of different ways you can put 8 guys in the box.
  11. What's good for Jasper leading into the Bellville game is they have H-J this week that is also Slot-T so they get to see the same offense 2 weeks in a row. What's bad for Jasper is that Bellville will get the film of the game to see how Jasper is going to line up defensively against the Slot-T and that will give Bellville an advantage in my opinion.
  12. It is most definitely the game of the week. Last years game was a nail bitter. Now the district championship is on the line. I will definitely be in attendance for this one. I'm going for Porter
  13. 1. Galena Park North Shore 2. Beaumont West Brook 3. New Caney 4. Barbers Hill 5. Vidor 6. Santa Fe 7. Nederland 8. Livingston 9. Huffman Hargrave 10. Splendora 11. Jasper 12. Hamshire-Fannett 13. West Orange-Stark 14. Diboll 15. East Chambers 16. Buna 17. Woodville 18. Orangefield 19. Newton 20. San Augustine 21. Evadale 22. Grapeland 23. Bellville Faith 24. Port Arthur Memorial 25. Leverett's Chapel
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