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  1. Good season SA. Your team left it all on the fieldâť—
  2. All the way to state Tigers. SETX pulling for them Tigers.
  3. Go get em mustangs, put a whipping on them Steers.
  4. Good season EC, just ran into the state champion early. No shame in getting beat by the state champs.
  5. Pulling for the Silsbee Tigers . Silsbee by 14
  6. Take it to them Buffalo's HF Go get em Horns
  7. Is this political or is this disinformation. or is there other disinformation like who's on first.
  8. Wing back or slot back .Spent way to much time on this, want do it again
  9. I never was saying you couldn't pass. I was saying that if you switched two of your halfbacks to the line of scrimmage having nine offensive lineman legally, you will lose two receivers each time you do this. That could have the defense blitzing every time knowing that it would be two less people to have in pass coverage. Unless I am wrong and I don't think I am ,rules for offensive linemen are that you have a minimum of 7 and the outside person on each side of offensive line is an eligible receiver. Whatever, I saw exactly what northtexasfootball.com said and I am through. Get a laugh out of it
  10. I really don't know how to draw it up. I do know that when the slot-back or wing back gets on the line of scrimmage it covers up whomever is on their inside or if they are on the inside they are covered up. They would just be lineman and not be able to go out for passes. I know it is clear as mud the way I put it and that is why I sent Northtexasfootball.com quote.
  11. Well I guess you are a coach then, I got an idea,you figure it out. After all you are getting paid and I'm retired.
  12. Would it matter who is saying what, if this information is actually good information ? I just want Newton to be on a level playing field and if the other team knows that out of certain formations all options are not open to Newtons playbook. You send two blitzers and the offensive line is immediately outnumbered on what to block. Just back the backs off the line of scrimmage (same allignment just backed up into HB positions.) problem solved or am I wrong.
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