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  1. I think Hemphill has a better team than there record. As for Newton, they didn't seem to have all cylinders clicking. Probably some Hemphill and some of that swollen head. I didn't see the offense really click much the first half. The defense looked descent but the Hornets had two running backs that could take it to the house if they got a opening.Hemphill was better than I thought. Pretty good athletes. We didn't look what we are ranked to me. They had to much other than football on there minds or just what I thought.
  2. I bet Newton want be leaving the sprinklers on this week, Newton will be Newton
  3. This game want be close, Diboll will just straight run the ball down your throat and by the 2nd quarter Coldsprings will be physically whipped. If the Trojans can stop them they better play that 10-1 defense of Celina's. I just don't think the Trojans have the horses to stay in this game.
  4. Well Leon the Lion, I am just a casual observer and appreciate both programs . I am from Newton and you don't want to poke this Bear at all. Just telling you talk is cheap and don't let your mouth write checks that your behind can't back-up. You don't ever want to give your opponent any Bulletin Board material, the I or We can beat your rear is one thing but after that it may work against your team. It is up to you, Like I said I have respect for both programs but talk can get you backed into a corner.
  5. Jasper, this game could get out of hand quickly.
  6. If you are one of the coaches trying to get the kids pumped up is one thing, but if you are smart you will not give EC bulletin board material. Now that your post is on the EC bulletin board , you might, just might have fired the Buc's up also. You want a slobber-knocker/I bet you get your wish. Ole Indian proverb " don't poke the Bear ". I think you just poked the Bear🐻❗
  7. That should be a slobber knocker game, If I wasn't going to be gone I'd be at that game. Fishcat, is that a cat that likes to fish or a fish that likes to cat around ? Just wondering❗
  8. Yeah and I bet Coach Mathews calls a quarterback draw just to confuse everyone .🤣
  9. Just get the win. Homecomings are a busy week, hard to stay focused on football and homecoming plus this and that. I think it could be a trap game, I mean the boys being focused on West Orange Stark next week . Just a thought, one game at a time and take no-one lightly . Just win
  10. All is not lost,, Diboll was a last minute game with what two days preparation time. Kinda of hard to be mentally up for a brawl when you thought you were gonna play the Livingston boy choir and at last minute got a George Foremon with an attitude. I know it hurts but it wasn't a district game and could get the boys woke up. Not being ranked will definitely give them some attitude. No one wants to lose but pre-district is the only time to lose and not hurt to bad. Get the bugs worked out and all will be OK.
  11. West Orange-Stark will polish up for Jasper. Fill sorry for the Cardinals because the Mustangs gonna be mad and bad. Mustangs have some head hunters.
  12. Wow, I knew Diboll was good but they are better than I thought. They are definitely a team that can wear you down in the trenches where most games are won and lost. I hope both teams didn't have any major injuries. I am sure both teams have droves of bruises, That must have been a real slobber knocker. Jasper will be hitting on all cylinders when they play the Mustangs.
  13. Lord move all the rain away , prayers for everyone in harms way. In Jesus name, move the storms away. Amen
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