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  1. Not nearly enough.😃 But they do have some good young talent.
  2. Good win H-D. Glad to get a win in district but major Props to Burkville and HC Eric Williams. This game was a whole lot closer than what the scoreboard says. Burkville played a really good game to only have 16 players.
  3. Wow! Great going Kountze! Great to see this!
  4. Curious to anyone who was at this game. Did New Waverly just come out and play great football in the first half or did Newton just stink it up? Even though Newton pulled away, it seemed like NW was holding their own in the first half.
  5. Long night in HD for sure. DV played a great game and simply outplayed HD. I thought it would be a whole lot closer but I was wrong. Keep your heads up HD. Always next week.
  6. Looking forward to tonight’s game. Hope the Bobcats win it!
  7. Seemed like Colmesneil was having a pretty good year and just thought it would be closer. No particular reason. Not from either place.
  8. Oh wow. Really thought it would be closer.
  9. Saw this game is at 2 on Saturday. Just wondering If Colmesneil is good this year? And I’m curious for those of you who have watched both teams play, will this game be for district championship?
  10. HD won 54-27. KIPP looked 2 times their size but HD kids fought and played hard.
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