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  1. Sure do hope it doesn’t come down to a field goal seeing as they havent addressed the issues with the kicker in Nederland. I look for a high scoring game and lots of passing. I think whichever QB/WR group has a better showing wins the game. Nederlands WRs haven’t been holding on to the bull either at crucial moments in the game. This game is always a good one, don’t see this one being any different this year.
  2. The Defense can’t contain the outside and the DBs can’t cover or tackle. Nederland needs a new safety forsure and to start looking for the next man up on the OL and other positions. And the receiver number 3 Garrett I think is the best WR they have as far as catching what’s thrown his way, number 6 is good to but you can’t throw the ball to him every time. But the play calling is absolutely horrible. Has been all year and last year, it’s like Barrow isn’t watching the same games we are. I get that they are playing from behind so your play calls have to change and maybe he’s not used to that, but damn! Be prepared for different situations. Running draws on 3rd and 20 is dumb. Running the same play over and over week after week without success is not smart. Roll the freakin quarterback out of the pocket of the line can’t create a pocket for him to sit in. Bring the Kicker up from JV he’s good! No his last names not Barrow but I bet bringing him up will help out, even if it’s just to add some competition to the position. I’m a firm believer in #1 McMorris at QB if he has time, based on the success he had last year, and he did it in CLUTCH moments. At this point I’m sure he’s tired of having to throw the ball away, which he does rather than take a sack, so he’s trying to force something. If he were to hold on to the ball and take the sack people would have something to say about that, just like they’ve had something to say about him throwing it away. The bulldogs had a game winning touchdown pass dropped against WOS even after the muffed snap on the extra point but no one said anything about that. That would have put them up with just over a minute left on the clock. Which who knows if the defense would have held. United beat the hell outta the Dogs, I put that loss mostly on the OL and the DB’s. And last night again the defense was horrible. So why not make some changes cause the defense is not playing MEAN and like the DOGZ they gotta be to put some fear in their opponents. These offenses are doing whatever the hell they want to our defense. COACHES need to do something DIFFERENT M. Okay I’m done.
  3. Let’s see what the defense does right here. It’s on them now
  4. They need to bring up the kicker from JV.
  5. It was the same problem with outside containment against WOS. They looked like they got it under control last week.
  6. Martin 70 ya Td for Silsbee. 2nd play of game
  7. If the Oline and DBs show up this game for Nederland then they will blow the Tigers outta the water. Nederland’s QB won some HUGE games for them last year. He came in several times last year with out the lead and was able to rally them to some W’s. The QB is not the problem, even with the pressure he has on him he is not under throwing his targets, yes there’s been interceptions but if you’ve watched, most of them are on an out route and he has to get rid of it early(because of the pressure) and the receivers aren’t able to locate the ball before the DB’s. As long as he puts the last two games behind him he’ll be good. Silsbee won’t run on Nederland like they have others. Defensive backs for Nederland can’t give the opposing QB wide open looks and expect to win any thing. It’s time to show up Nederland.
  8. If the Dogs run the ball well and take a lil pressure off the passing game, and stop the run on D. Then they will roll over them. I got the Dogs by 14
  9. NS offense started to fall apart when things didn’t go their way. I know they didn’t have many opportunities in the 2nd but once it got crunch time and the pressure was on they didn’t deliver.
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