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  1. I allways look forward to your detailed assessment haha
  2. Go peevey!!! LCM all the way. He was a young coach at Crosby when I played, cool guy and has my full support!
  3. That's too bad. hate to see it, but school work is a big part of Friday night lights
  4. Crosby rolls on to the Semis for 2nd straight year in a row. Nothing I'm seeing says we don't run away with a win on Friday night!
  5. Yes as long as they can reload on the D/O- line they will be a strong favorite in reg 3! As for Texas high I have to say first to 50 wins. They have big butterball linemen that our fast d line will be able to take advantage of. There defense is nowhere close to the size of AMC (thank goodness) so that will help tremendously! They are faster tho so we will have to be ready for that. I'm not sold on Texas high and the record they have. They have yet to break 50 in a game this season I think if Crosby comes out and punches them in the mouth again like last year it will be
  6. The point of all the points your desperately trying to make is irrelevant. Crosby took care of business and the hill came up short. Barbers hill had many different opportunities to put the game away and it didn't happen. Crosby made a few adjustments at the half and were able to get some much needed stops as well as win the turnover battle. Could Crosby have lost? Yes but here we are headed to lufkin to play Texas High In December. Had the hill taken care of business I honestly believe yall would have had the higher hand and be playing ball next week, but ya didn't. BTW it's week
  7. Yall have had my support after we played yall at the res. The district as a whole should be a extremely tough out next year between Crosby, PNG, Barbers Hill, and ? Once this season is over I will be very much looking forward to next year's district run. Very possible one of the top 5 in 5A D2.
  8. Totally agree. AMC was a great ballclub, my hats off to them. Very big and physical. BUTTT, it's off to rd 4 for the coogs! Let's see what we can do with Texas high.
  9. Katy doing katy stuff! King looks good on and off but the tigers are too much
  10. GAMEDAY! LET GO INDIANS!!! Goodluck and safe travels, let's meet up next week for leftover turkey and football, get er done!!!
  11. I have to be honest here tho, if Crosby and Carthage lined up today it would be a hell of a game. Both teams were looking for there identity, Crosby found there's during the barbers hill game and hasn't looked back
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