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  1. Nederland vs Manvel Thursday 7:30 at Freedom Stadium in Alvin is what I’m seeing
  2. McMorris is the current record holder. He’s 92 yards away from being the first Nederland QB to throw for 2000 yards in a season
  3. Ned JV 21 PNG JV 20 PNG scored with 29 seconds left and got stuffed going for 2
  4. Perfect way to finish it out before it’s all shiny and new
  5. Freshman are about to get the field primed and ready for tomorrow night
  6. It still happens. Usually during Heritage Festival week. Incoming freshmen still run like hell from the sophomores
  7. Never said the QB going down had no effect. Your original comment of 3 TD’’s before he went down was a little misleading. My comment was showing that 1 TD was offensive and 2 were special teams.
  8. EC only scored 1 offensive TD. The other 2 were a muffed kick in the end zone recovered by EC and a kickoff return for a TD. Do that math
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