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  1. PNG couldnt point out a qb and Faircloth built a team around one in his first year and went 11-1 losing to eventual state finalist by 6 points. Its very possible
  2. Prayers to the family of Coach Ethridge and to Indian Nation. His name is one of great legend in this community. Not only was a he a great leader for the Indians but he was a great man. He loved the kids and this community.
  3. It all comes out on the field the better team was determined last night. Congrats Nederland on the win and showing you belong.
  4. Best of luck Nederland the rest of the way. It’s weird playing so early in the season.
  5. Look feelings get hurt during ,after, heck even before the game. I think pointing a kids number on here based on your opinion is plain wrong. I would encourage you to change your post and remove the number.
  6. Im sorry I just reviewed the score and I believe it was PN-G 22 Nederland 21. Or did I miss something? Maybe there is some other way than the final score to determine the better team?
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