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  1. Austin Goose Gouslin. Port Arthur Texas. On the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame. Only 23 players all time in the Broncos ring of fame. When he retired he was the leader in the AFL in INts with 40. He had 7 in his first three games and 11 in 1960. He also had 4 ints in a game still today tied for a broncos team record. This man was a true NFL hero.
  2. Micah a lot of the folks on here forget about the others who work so hard for Friday nights and even those in other sports who will benefit from the lack of mud.
  3. Not sure, but we do know an NDN will be standing victorious there this fall.
  4. This is a heinous crime or has the potential to be. I believe the justice system will work it out. If he is guilty then he will be punished. If he is not then he should be declared so. The problem is the child who is involved will have to relive the situation again and again as this process continues (if in fact there is a crime).
  5. I read playing for pizza it was a great book
  6. Maybe it was at Neumans house in his
  7. I got mine and 6 tickets to Nederland for MCM
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