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  1. Excluding the head coach I know of 3 supposedly not sure of Nelson. I have not heard that he has left
  2. 600 wins amazing feat. With a win over a great team. Hats off Coach Carter and the Indians.
  3. I believe Coach Carter is legit as seen each season by his teams continual improvement throughout the season
  4. Gonna miss you in this role. Good luck and God Bless
  5. Congrats Silsbee on an amazing season and a great run. Hats off to you what a great basketball school. My grandfather started for Silbees basketball team in the 1943 and 1944 seasons. He would be so so proud of you guys.
  6. Congrats on a great season Tigers hats off to you and your dynasty. Absolutely amazing basketball school.
  7. I posted the Crosby one 10 times on here.
  8. Not always been a lower classification. I love football history. You dont that's OK. I was amazed at how long these teams have played each other.
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