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  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for the info. Good luck Cardinals!!!
  2. Are the Cardinals still fielding a team this season? I haven’t seen a score for them in a few weeks. I like to try and keep track of my former team.
  3. Hate to hear this for the HI kids. I get travel was arduous at times, but they should still be playing six-man. JMO.
  4. They should still make the move to sixman and just deal with the travel. It’s not as bad as you think. They need to do whatever needs to be done to field a football program and sustain it.
  5. I heard yesterday that the Cardinals of High Island will be moving to 11-man in the 20-21 school year.
  6. Things y'all have to remember when you don't see kids from schools on the list: 1) The coaches may not have submitted any names for the all-star game. 2) They may not be members of the SETXCA 3) They may not have paid their dues, therefore, they can't nominate players. I'm a Director with the Association, trust me, there are coaches who simply don't submit names to be considered.
  7. I wanted to let everyone know that High Island has hired former FW Pascal head football coach Matt Miracle as its new head football coach. I have been offered and accepted the Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach position at Bastrop High School. I'm excited about this opportunity but I will definitely miss Southeast Texas and all the great coaches, media folks and people I have met down here the last 3 years. Coach Bronkhorst
  8. LOL!!! Great question. I don't see a reason why they wouldn't. Its been fun to do and its become a great resource.
  9. And? I'm kidding. I have more experience coaching 11-man than 6-man. Nothing has been finalized in regards to my situation but hopefully everything will happen by next week. Yes, I did resign from High Island before having another job lined up. I did this so the school would have more time to find a quality coach to come in; that's important for me in regards to the kids. I am excited about the work that we did at High Island where the football program is moving forward.
  10. Any word on what Burkeville will decide to do? I would love to have another SETX six-man school.
  11. We will be opening our season up this Saturday in Houston playing in the Emery Classic. We will play Crosby Victory & Praise at 4:00PM. We are very thankful to finally get back on the field and start our season. Our community continues to pray for all those communities who are struggling.
  12. Katy Faith West at High Island is cancelled. Faith West contacted me a couple days ago to let me know they wouldn't be starting school until September 11 so they had to cancel the game.
  13. Prayers for Braden Carter, his family and the Lumberton community.
  14. Prayers for the Reeves family and Kirbyville community.
  15. High Island vs Round Top-Carmine (1 Game) Friday, 4:30PM @ Round Top-Carmine
  16. This is one the single dumbest things I have ever seen inside the coaching profession in my 20 years of doing this. To have leaders of the school go on to local radio plus the newspaper and publicly state he was staying, then the next day say he's leaving then ultimately give him a 2 year contract extension is the definition of poor organizational management. All I've got to say is, Run Coach, run away!!! Run like the wind and don't look back. You and your family don't deserve this treatment.
  17. Zach Bronkhorst, QB - High Island HS signed with Angelo State University Brandon Guidry, DE - High Island HS signed with Minnesota West Community and Technical College
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