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  1. In all fairness, there’s a bunch of coaches that don’t really know much.
  2. Briles ain’t going to Lee man. The important townsfolk shot that idea down.
  3. Some would argue that if they were smart they wouldn’t go with either. That being said, kudos to them for believing in giving others a chance.
  4. Dang. ETx is loaded in 4A.. With three D1 pitchers I think Spring Hill will climb ladder. Their district games vs top ranked Kilgore will be fun.
  5. Atascocita- 12-2, Lost in the 4th round to North Shore 76-49 San Augustine- 14-1, Lost in the 5th round to Rufugio 29-21 Panhandle- 8-3, Lost in the 1st round to Sundown 60-56 Shiner- 12-1, Lost in the 3rd round to Refugio 45-43 McKinney North- 10-2, Lost in the 2nd round to Lancaster 58-28 CC Miller- 12-1, Lost in the 3rd round to CC Vets Memorial 56-49 Midland Lee- 11-2, Lost in the 3rd round to Southlake Carroll 48-27 Red Oak- 11-2, Lost in the 3rd round to Aledo 34-14 San Saba- 13-1, Lost in the 4th round to Valley View 14-12 Highland Park- 11-2, Lost in the 3rd round to Lone Star 33-27 (OT)
  6. Hence the title of the thread ....
  7. Average stay is like two seasons........ that screams “lets get him”..
  8. Wasn’t Finney at Maud before Teague? Had a good run their with the three TCU commits.
  9. Next topic? Maybe the original one. In the last 24 hours two NETX jobs opened up with more on the way.
  10. Gilmer is open now....... Wonder how many from SETX will be interested.
  11. Everyone’s intitled to their opinion.
  12. Is going further than Art Briles yours?
  13. Same can be said for everyone that’s been HC at MV......
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