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  1. Poor Boykins kid is a shell of the player he was last year cause of his injury.
  2. Well that ended up closer than expected. If I were WH I’d be pretty concerned about the next meeting.
  3. @WestHardinfan1 get a hold of your people on here!
  4. We have very different views on what a blowout is. I've never heard of a team getting blown out by 15 lol.
  5. I take jot and tittles very seriously.
  6. Just a quote from a movie, don't take it personally and stop reading so much. Rest your brain/eyes lol
  7. Not with the same success that baited ones do, c'mon man. The time you spent reading into that was far too long and now I revoke your devils advocate position, I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  8. Had to go check their schedule for that one! It was a 6A JV team in A&M Consolidated..
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