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  1. They were finally able to get him up. For ten to fifteen minutes he was not able to move.
  2. Game has been over for awhile and still have a player down. Not good. Prayers needed right now.
  3. Both teams suffered some key losses tonight. Hopefully everyone will be back by playoffs.
  4. Make that five down for Grapeland now. The field is horrible shape. 35 0 final
  5. WH has six starters out now as four o. Grapeland side. 28 0 in the fourth
  6. 22 0 Grapeland at the half. Looks like a MASH unit on both sides of the field. WH has 4 starting seniors on the sideline and Grapeland has 3 including their RB. Hopefully nothing serious.
  7. I’ll wait to see if he continues to troll. He shouldn’t be so careless with his phone at practice....
  8. I was wondering how long it would take for proud daddy baseball to chime in. Just FYI, we don’t run clocks at WH since you left.
  9. If the dogs win not sure what it does as far as playoffs. I heard someone say that WH secured a spot in the playoffs by beating the dogs but who knows. Rebs win I believe they go in third and dogs are out. If dogs win WH May go in third and rebs fourth. Hell who knows!
  10. Grapeland got spanked last week by home school team. I wonder what’s going on in sandy land? Going to be tough this week but with WH seniors last home game, I bet they make it interesting.
  11. Yep. LL played a great game. WH stopped the passing game but didn’t have an answer for #10 in the running game. LL pretty dang quick and was able to get to the corners. Another tough one next week against Graceland and tougher the week after that with Mart.
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