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  1. When you foul, the refs gonna call it. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Yep. On to 🏀 season. Let’s see if I can go ahead and get something started. Early prediction, WH goes undefeated in district 🏀
  3. As far as mart playing trashy, I would have to agree. After WH is down their QB, center and another lineman, WH is basically just trying to survive the rest of the game. We had a receiver and RB filling the QB roll, just running as much time off the clock as possible before snapping the ball and mart coaches calling time outs. Nothing against the kids but mart coaches are nothing short of dicks!
  4. Totally agree. They’re not the team we played last year but still very good. They executed extremely well. The team they had last year had some hammers on it.
  5. I’m not saying WH would’ve won this game, I’m saying going into it with two starting lineman out, then you lose another starting lineman/LB and your QB you never recover when you carry 24 on the roster which the 11 starters go both ways. WH didn’t have an answer to marts running game and Mart was struggling with WH passing game. It was a 4 point game until the second when we lost those two kids. People can say what they want about WH. The fact is there has been some really good athletes come through the school.
  6. No, injuries were not serious. Pulled hamstring and concussion protocol. They’ll be fine.
  7. Wh had 3 starters go down in the 2nd quarter. Down hill from there
  8. They were finally able to get him up. For ten to fifteen minutes he was not able to move.
  9. Game has been over for awhile and still have a player down. Not good. Prayers needed right now.
  10. Both teams suffered some key losses tonight. Hopefully everyone will be back by playoffs.
  11. Make that five down for Grapeland now. The field is horrible shape. 35 0 final
  12. WH has six starters out now as four o. Grapeland side. 28 0 in the fourth
  13. 22 0 Grapeland at the half. Looks like a MASH unit on both sides of the field. WH has 4 starting seniors on the sideline and Grapeland has 3 including their RB. Hopefully nothing serious.
  14. I’ll wait to see if he continues to troll. He shouldn’t be so careless with his phone at practice....
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