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  1. That's my bad. I thought you said knocked out early.
  2. The most idiotic comment I've seen in a baseball thread in a while!!!
  3. Btm 5th. CS 9 FW 6. Basees juiced. Pechico gets pulled off mound.
  4. And I'm sure whos grad you caught who the winner plays in your description?
  5. I retract last. Galena Park is playing tonight agaisnt PNG. Dont know what I was thiking. Lol my bad
  6. From my understanding if Ned loses Friday they will play a play in game with Crosby. Galena Park is out no matter what. From what I've heard. I dont know the head to head records off top of of my head. I do know Galena Park was swept by PNG and both Ned and Crosby split with PNG. So that might have alot to do with it
  7. Exactly right sir. The day when the athletes in Bmt start playin baseball is when the mid County and other schools get scared.
  8. I haven't read one post that states anything negative of coach.
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