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  1. They got Huffman next weekend let’s see how that goes…
  2. He won, being above .500 at hardin is impressive, go look at the other head coaches records at hardin lol
  3. Hes won 2 games, this is his second season how many games did he win at his previous school? He better win varsity football games that’s what matters you don’t get fired for losing middle school games. If the kids aren’t playing hard that’s on the head coach, you should make progress throughout the year and they aren’t, hence Kountze they have gotten better since game 1.
  4. That’s on the coach!! Means they aren’t bought in
  5. Hardin should have never gotten rid of the last coach
  6. Word on the street Lumberton has a lot of players hurt from football season who will start on the basketball team.
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