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  1. Why not?? The guy won at hardin, he has over 160 football wins and is a great offensive mind coach.
  2. I don’t mind the district rule, I just don’t like the forfeit rule u could have played during the holidays, wed, or sat. The freshman and jv teams don’t bother me we are in a difficult time right now but the forfeit rule is stupid
  3. Gotcha, wos has been careful all year, they are pretty strict with the Covid protocols which isn’t a bad thing.
  4. Nah you have a great AD!!! They are just obeying the rules. Close contact is a real thing
  5. I agree, but I think the Fannett coach has done pretty good with what he has right now and having 2 starters out losing to a good sheperd team by 3 points is a testament to the coach making sure his kids play as hard as they can and not making excuses. That’s part of coaching is getting the kids bought in and tigee has done that.
  6. Lumberton lost 4 starters last year and another kid that played tons of minutes. I think what Coach Mitchell has done this year is pretty impressive with a pretty young group. Brock is dang good but I think Lumberton flat out plays really hard and that’s a testament to the coach.
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