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  1. Great game, Huffman just couldn’t get it going early!! Love me some coach Barrett great coach
  2. Great job!! Great game but are we surprised by this?? 2 schools combined with great talent and they are 5a doesn’t surprise that they won state.
  3. Silsbee will win state atleast 2 times with this group
  4. Totally different matchup:styles, yates gave up tons of points this year with how they play, Huffman will control the tempo
  5. Huffman looked very good tonight!!! They are rolling and I feel like they will beat Silsbee
  6. Ec has always been good!!! Couple move ins the last few years!!! When you have cats every year you will win games.
  7. Yeah this should be a great one!!!! Coach Barrett and Coach Mitchell will have their teams ready
  8. I can’t decide yet I think it’s a pickem, lumberton has won 10 straight and has been playing good ball and Huffman has one lost lol so I mean tough one.
  9. Figured this game would be a hot topic, I feel like it’s going to be a good one.
  10. Man who have thought Lumberton boys basketball in regional quarterfinals, coach Mitchell has done a heck of a job!!
  11. Fannett has everyone and I’m sure a few more move ins
  12. I had Fannett maybe pulling the upset but Sigler had a great game plan, props to him and his team. This Silsbee group is going to be special
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