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  1. I would say they have to play perfect but eliminate stupid penalties yes. They need to keep the receivers in front of them and keep up the great run defense. Offense its mostly the same ground and pound with a little bit of air. from what I noticed FBs defense is perfect for the dogs as they love to run and FB gives up alot in the run....atleast from the playoff games I've seen
  2. I feel as FB Marshall's offense is perfect for our defense. They like to run alot and we are pretty stout against the run I think. Also it seems as PNG and Montgomery were able to run well against their defense
  3. Oh I know I keep going back and forth. Every now and then checking in the FB game
  4. The way Crosby is playing right now I'd say thata going to be the game of the week and I'm not counting Crosby out
  5. Yea its hard to say who would be better. I also think Huntsville is better than FB Marshall but watching this game gives me a better feeling about pine tree but gets me very nervous if we are able to met yall in round 4
  6. This is in no way a knock on Crosby because they are a very very good team in all 3 phases of the game but there is no way texas high is the #5 team in this class. Whoever ranked these teams need to think about doing something else
  7. Way that flag came out I thought a face mask was about to be called
  8. That's good. OU may be losing Perkins in the draft this coming year and if henis anything like Perkins then he will be a star for OU
  9. I may be keeping an eye in this game. Texas high #10 OLB is a future OU sooner and being how thats my college team I hope he shows out. That being said hope Crosby comes out on top would like to hopefully meet up in round 4
  10. I was referring to the last paragraph of his comment more so than the first one but I get your point. Either way both team need to advance and have one 12-5a team represent region 3 in the semis
  11. You forgot to mention that if FB and nederland advances after this week FB has to get pass a formidable opponent in Nederland. If Crosby and Nederland happen to play in round 4 I dont think you can say your probably winning that game. That would be one heck of a rematch. But first pet's focus on the game at hand before talking about all that
  12. If we get to the 3rd round with the way our defense is playing of late I can see us being FBM and maybe even by alot more than any of us could imagine. If FBM plays like they did last night
  13. Is the backup QB for nederland any good. I knownhe didn't do particularly great on a short notice against PNG but I assume he may be the starter next year
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