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  1. I agree if we can't throw the ball then put the big boys on the Oline and lets push some people around with a jumbo package.
  2. I agree, Jasper would beat Livingston.
  3. LCM has some decent relievers but you better play them at defensive back this week. Half of Livingston’s pass plays are deep shots. The quarterback rolls out and throws a jump ball a mile in the air. You better watch their QB if he is lined up at upback on punts they will fake it. Send somebody to hit him on every punt. The Bears best shot is to get after the Lions starting QB early and often.
  4. So we lost to Livingston, I’m ok with that they are actually pretty good for once. I was just disappointed in the way the offense looked dead out there. It was the Splendora game that really got me, as you can see they aren’t very good and everyone is now beating them. They blew that one and had they not they’d still be sitting in a good position. Everything you said above really showed in that game but I do think they have realized these issues are a major problem and they are working to fix it. I think you will see even more changes this week, I wish they could have played a full schedule an
  5. It should be a good one, hopefully we can get the passing game worked out. I just hope the boys show up and give it all they have on Senior night.
  6. He may be thinking of Lumberton and the amazing runs they made in the playoffs.
  7. Trade coaching staffs... maybe that’ll work? 🤔
  8. Yea I agree, we need multiple offensive sets. When you run everything out of the same formation it becomes very predictable. Then you suddenly put a receiver out wide or in split, they know something is up. For years I’ve been wanting them to come out in the base set and motion to different formations to throw the defense off. Run some power with a lead blocker, hell even line up in spread to run the ball every now and then.
  9. LCM gets rolled over at the little junior high stadium in Livingston. I just hope you guys get some better referees for the game. The ones we had looked like a junior high crew at best. P.S. bring some earplugs for the PA announcer, dudes got the volume cranked up to 11. Lions 28 - Bears 7
  10. They have tried to add some wrinkles with the hurry up and now we run it out of the pistol, which takes something away from the hidden ball misdirection in my opinion. Teams are not fooled at all this year, they are stacking 8-9 on the line of scrimmage and sending more than we can block. The outside defenders are staying home and not biting on the fakes, we can’t get the edge. Our offense moves sideline to sideline instead of up the field. Best bet is to run power i up the middle when teams do that, maybe you can break one if you get past the first line of defenders. But nothing is going to w
  11. I’m sure they will do the same to Vidor next week, put the bigs up front and sell out to stop the run.
  12. I can agree with that BOB, I just think it would be hard for another team that runs something similar to beat us. What do you think about Dubois, he was at Vidor (OC) then head coach at BC and now at HJ so he has the most experience in spreading the offense throughout the area. I do think he is a very good and experienced offensive mind. The slot-t even made its way to LCM and Lumberton for a short time.
  13. Still in a weak 4A division, Vidor will be fine and in the playoffs almost every year going forward. They will make it this year, so you could argue that it will not be a disappointing season. Although I agree that it has been up to this point.
  14. Sad to say that may be true with Vidor running a form of it out of the pistol but it isn’t necessarily working. We aren’t Liberty Hill, we don’t pass well enough to do what they do. The Pirates would still beat BC and OF in my opinion, so your statement is debatable. Also HJ with Dubois is probably the best slot-t coach in my mind. @BOBKAT'88is laughing I wander which point he disagrees with? Maybe old BOB will enlighten us...
  15. New OC the last 2 years so you can make your own judgement based off their performance.
  16. Yea that and Senior night, we have a bunch of them. I’m sure they will play hard and make a game of it.
  17. Pro tip for anyone playing Livingston in the future, they have their starting QB in at Upback in punting formations. Send someone off the edge to smash him every time they punt. This is very important or they may direct snap it to him for fake punts.
  18. I hear ESPN is working on a 30 for 30, it’s called “The Great Enabler”.
  19. I’m quite certain his finances took a severe hit but nobody I know is feeling sorry for old Artie.
  20. Hopefully the Pirates can pull it together and play as a team for Senior night or it could spell disaster HH is coming in undefeated.
  21. Now if the band would have been there, I’m sure it would have pulled us through. We would have definitely beat Livingston, they are an unstoppable farce.
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