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  1. Powerlifter are you going to the next game? If so I have to meet you in person…lol
  2. I did not know this was just the 3rd meeting between the two teams. It feels like we’ve done played Bellville every year since 2015
  3. And the fact we waited till the 4th quarter to throw the ball
  4. And what’s crazy is they beat us with the pass not the run
  5. If WOS continues to get a short field that just means the defense is play great. So I’m will be happy if we always have a short field
  6. Why they couldn’t play in Beaumont or Baytown? I hate hwy 105!
  7. I could be wrong but if I am I apologize. Doesn’t it seem like T-Lu and pakronos are the same person..lol
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