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  1. I’ll just go ahead and say congrats Deweyville on a good season
  2. 7-3 midway through the 4th garrison up
  3. I would like to see Colmesneil take the W but I see Cushing winning this game.. Deweyville beat Colmesneil 46-6 and Cushing beat Deweyville 22-0 —-Colmesneil beat Overton 14-12 and Cushing pitched a shutout over Overton 53-0.. Cushing beat mt enterprise 60-0 while Colmesneil only beat em 30-28 I 100% know that doesn’t mean nothing and every week is different but that’s just how I’m gonna look at it. Either way I hope it’s a good game till the end!
  4. Have you not seen wh’s numbers all year? They don’t technically have 11 fit players They’ve suited up with just 11-12 players multiple weeks and a few weeks had a whopping 15 kids playing state ranked teams at times with only 10 players on the field, half the team playing hurt every game and some of them are freshman kids that’s never played the game before. They are a Jv team with 2 seniors on it, YES There are only two seniors on the team both are rb/mlbs that take a beating every week and their main back that toats the ball 90% of the time been playing the whole year with a serious knee inj
  5. Would be a lot better than what’s in there for sure, tha dude doesn’t even go to the football games if he does it’s ever now and then at a home game and he rides around on his golf cart talking to people and doesn’t stay long
  6. everyone was kinda expecting this after Shelbyville beat San Augustine, this ends up being a game that is pointless for either team , so for WH it would have been another long drive to another slaughter house with a group of youngins that’s all been through the ringer all year , you only got two seniors on the team both are your rbs/mlbs So their basically both beat to a pulp and One of them been playing most the year with a serious knee injury. And as far as Shelbyville it’s a win either way but if they played they’d take a chance of getting someone hurt going into the playoffs. So with all
  7. 63-0 last I herd not for sure if that’s final or not
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