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  1. Wrong, the AD is an administrator on the same level as the Principal. Look at the flow chart, AD'S don't answer to the Principal.
  2. First tweet since 2019....... Not widely known or well respected. Should be an interesting hire.
  3. Unfortunately farm boy strength usually does not help you run faster, jump higher or be more explosive which are somewhat important in football, basketball, baseball and track.
  4. Somebody fast, athletic, capable of being an offensive weapon who can probably spin it a little bit.
  5. I can guarantee you one thing, there is only one way for WH to dig themselves out of the hole they have fallen into and that is to hire someone that will demand the kids (regardless of sport) get in the weight room.
  6. Very interesting, because he was the chosen one. Former PN-G offensive line coach that was hand picked by the Superintendent two years ago. They have had some success, I thought he had them trending in the right direction.
  7. I will never put down the coaches of another sport, never. And to be honest, yes an elite track and field coach has to be a master at a number of different techniques, especially in the field events and be able to train different athletes differently to ensure success. However, to put down football coaches and say track and field coaches have to do more coaching is completely asinine. The last time I checked the track or the pit didn't play defense. Or the opponents you were competing against weren't trying to score on you. Football coaches have to teach the same intricate techniques
  8. The Barbay Brothers are going to stop running the Wing-T??? I really don't think so. They might be moving to the Spread-T, but still don't see them throwing it more than 10 times a game.
  9. Dang, 4 exceptional looking athletes. Grady must be salivating at the possibilities.
  10. Saw that yesterday, pretty impressive group.
  11. Well....... Maybe just a hint of sarcasm...... All offensive coaches think they are geniuses.
  12. I get that, but for some of us coaching football is more than just a job. For a guy that loves football and is an offensive genius, there is no better life than to retire then be rehired to be an offensive coordinator. I'm sure he will have very few, if any classroom duties, and his sole purpose everyday is to come to work, plan practice and prepare to call plays on Friday nights and get paid to di it. All while drawing a full retirement check and a check for his limited work. Not very many better gigs than that for an Old Ball Coach.
  13. 10 days, internal posting only, if I had to guess
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