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  1. HJ is really starting to gel together! The way they share the ball is crazy! And they defend!! Coach Fogo and Coach Sneed are brewing something special in Sour Lake.
  2. I think that summer basketball can be a blessing and a curse. In this day and time IMO summer play or AAU is highly beneficial in the recruitment of players because colleges arent beating down doors of high schools looking for talent unless they have already evaluated the player during the viewing periods at a NCAA certified tournament. But how a lot of AAU organizations do things is NOT beneficial. A lot of people out here use summer basketball as a money grab or a way to chase clout by being able to say that they had such and such on their team. Yes playing in front of scouts during the NCAA viewing periods is what you need to do, but those are only a couple of weekends in April May and few days in July. Playing in 12 to 15 tournaments is excessive! When you look at the number of games that these players are playing it is amazing! They play anywhere between 30 to 40 games in a high school season then turn around and play up to 60 games during the summer thats 80 to 100 games played in less than a year with NO rest in between. That is way to much and the results that it brings is injuries. Then on top of all of these games you have certain media outlets telling you that you need to come to this "elite" camp so that you can be evaluated or ranked. When you get there all it is is nothing but some "trainers" putting you through some drills then the players play up to 6 games in front of these basketball "gurus". All this does is put even more miles on a players body. Players must be able to get adequate rest!! And honestly that is not being promoted by a lot all they tell you is that you have to be at this event or that event. Honestly speaking tho AAU does provide the best way for a player to get exposure, but they must know that not EVERY team gets that exposure. Just because the tournament flyer says that college scouts will be there doesnt mean that these scouts will be at courts to watch you play. I think that both players and parents must do their homework before embarking on the path of playing in the summer on an AAU team. Dont just fall for the hype of nice looking uniforms and team shoes! Parents must also MAKE sure that their players get adequate rest. What worked for me is making sure mine had weeks where she was not allowed to pick up a ball or even be in the gym. Especially after that last viewing period in July I didnt let her touch a ball till school starts, she wasnt allowed to do anything but to be a kid lol. Remember that YOU have ALL of the control over your player not that AAU guy. Adequate rest and maintenance is essential for a player to get through the grinds of basketball and is very important for injury prevention.
  3. You should come out and watch some games! There are more half court offense teams in this area then you may think! Now some teams do lack overall athleticism to just "pressure, steal, layup" but there definitely are some half court offenses being played. Now what you dont see, is a lot of man to man defense in the area, only a handful of teams play it. As far as being able to create their own shot, there are so many in the area, here is just a small list of some of them: Ashlon Jackson - HJ Delana Carter - Barbers Hill Kaden Morris - Lumberton Jayda Argumon - Woodville Jordyn Beatty - Woodville Asia Mitchell - Jasper Princess Anderson - United Cassie Chavez - Legacy Mollee Priddy - PNG Faith Fregia - Orangefield
  4. HJ usually has a good turnout for lil dribblers where they are able to put together about 6 teams or so. If the numbers are down and they cant, then they get together with HF, Devers, Liberty Silsbee or whoever wants to play games.
  5. Yes shooters are different than scorers and yes it does has a lot to do with systems. You guys have #15 and #22 who I think are shooters. I love how you guys put one in each corner against zones. You doing things the right way and making things accessible to your players and it is definitely paying off.
  6. Oh boy dont get me started on this lol. Yes the girls may be able to walk in but as soon as they commit the "cardinal sin" of dribbling or shooting a basketball all hell breaks lose and they are made to get out because they may corrupt volleyball aspirations lol. But that is a WHOLE different conversation. I cant speak on everybody but i do know about a lot lol.
  7. I completely agree with you! Little dribblers IF used correctly can be a good START but must not be the ONLY avenue to use. I can speak on HJ because i am highly familiar, and the fathers of those players were also involved with that group of girls' development more so Jackson's dad simply because he was there longer. The other player's dad immediately became involved as soon as they moved to the area a few years ago. Also they worked hand and hand with the varsity coaches in doing so, which is how its supposed to be done and my point when I said that its all about who is leading the way. Coach Fogo and the powers that be have ALWAYS made the gyms accessible 24/7, if they away on vacation they still made sure that the gyms were open for the girls. And because of this majority of the players of that group have spent countless hours in the gym over the years working on their games and have spent many summers even playing together. All that work is the reason for their success, thats why they are such a joy to watch play. Yes they do have a VERY dominant player but she has been right there with that group since 1st grade and when they got older and she is away during the summer playing with her national team, the others were still in the gym getting better so when they all got together it is definitely fun to watch!
  8. I do also, thats why I am able to say that the ones who do make gyms available are greatly outnumbered by the ones who dont especially for girls in our area. Or they say its gonna be open gym but lets be honest.....it is primarily for the boys. Then the girls have to "get in where they fit in" which in that case some will but most wont.
  9. I like both of those players! I completely agree with you on Whitehead being a shooter, however I would put Argumon in the scorers category especially in the role that she plays for Woodville.
  10. Little dribblers can also be a very instrumental tool for the development of kids. It just depends on the people who are leading the way. Now finding people who are knowledgeable in basketball fundamentals and are able to teach them is an entirely different subject lol. I cant speak on every small school in the area but I know for a fact that for schools like HJ little dribblers was VERY beneficial. Fundamentals were emphasized and taught to those girls at an early age (form shooting, man to man defense with no hands, passing etc) and those things are paying off for them. Now I do agree that little dribblers can also be the reason for lack of knowledge and bad habits for a lot of girl players but I put that on the people who are involved with their development. Everyone is making great points and I am extremely happy that we are even discussing girls basketball, because in our area the culture for girls basketball isnt very strong or is vastly under valued.
  11. I too am from the pre shooting machine era lol, but I think that this can also allude to a bigger problem, and that is exactly how much is that type of work ethic actually being promoted. Now times have definitely changed since our days and that is ok. But outside of the 1% or less of girl players who are willing to work on their craft NO MATTER WHAT or have put in countless hours in the summer developing their craft whether its AAU or just skill training, how many are there to encourage or make things accessible for the girls to get better. Im not saying every Coach doesnt want their players to get better, but there are some who talk that good talk but when players actually reach out during the summer or off season in an effort to get in the gym to get better....nothing is accessible. How many Coaches actually took advantage of UIL's new rule concerning off season and summer skill training? Now i know some are gonna say that if the kids cant get in the gym then just go to the neighborhood park or put up shots in their driveways but lets be realistic....in these days and times it probably wont happen.
  12. I agree! Priddy does have a nice looking stroke. I just considered her to be more of a scorer tho.
  13. You know I was gonna say Cooper. I think that Dill can be put in the scorer category if you consider her role on the team. And yes indeed Wilkerson is a BUCKET.
  14. A lot of basketball has been played so far. Shooters are a hot commodity, but there aren't very many of them. Who are they? Here is my list so far, please feel free to add. Lets discuss! Remember....scorers and shooters are two different kinds of players. Audrey Postula - Lumberton Keily Allen - Hamshire Fannett Delberta Guillory-Smith - Hardin Jefferson Hannah Hawkins - Woden Rachel Sarlls - Barbers Hill Cameron Dill - United
  15. HJ's ability to defend the perimeter is top notch and was the difference in the game. Their help man defense gave the Jasper guards a lot of problems, not at first but eventually HJ imposed their will and was forcing Jasper to work very hard for every point. Jasper so far had been doing a very good job of neutralizing opponents guard play with their pressure and trapping defense but trying to do that to HJ is a completely different task. HJ did a very good job of making sure that the ball always went thru their best decision maker (Jackson) and she always made the best play whether it was her scoring or finding an open teammate, which is what makes her a nightmare to defend. HJ also got huge contributions from Henry (5 threes) and was led in scoring by the Freshman Beavers (18pts and over 10 rebs) who really grew up that game. I loved watching #14 for Jasper (Scott?) she did a wonderful job while she was in the game controlling pace and she was relentless offensively. I would have loved to see Jasper go man and try their luck with that because they definitely have the athleticism to do so especially when HJ went to their spread offense. I would love to see a rematch of these 2, hopefully we get it at regionals!
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