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  1. First Team Monica Bottley - Silsbee Princess Anderson - Beaumont United Kendall Sneed - Hardin Jefferson Ashlon Jackson - Hardin Jefferson Keilaya Rigsby - Woodville Second Team Jacei Denley - Beaumont West Brook Kassie Chavez - Legacy Christian Academy Ivy Lee - Lumberton Kayden Morris - Lumberton Chrissy Joseph - LC-M Player of the Year Ashlon Jackson - Hardin Jefferson
  2. The head of the snake for Boerne is their PG. They also have a very solid big. However the pg is only 5'4 or 5'5 and in their losses this season struggled against length, which is a strength of HJ (length at the guard position). Boerne is very methodical in what they run and they run it well. Foul trouble will be a factor in this game. Quite sure Boerne will play zone against HJ to try to take away the effectiveness of HJ's guards. If HJ's defense can dictate the pace of this game then HJ is favored. Both teams run similar offenses so that should be interesting, HJ has a better overall roste
  3. Huge shout out to the Lady Raiders!! Great team! To have 3 1000 pt scorers is HUGE and majority high school teams dont have that luxury. Those girl left it all on the floor. Congrats!
  4. I agree! But you know that fans complaining about refs comes with the territory lol. CS played a tough game. Their post is SOLID! CS also did not miss Ft’s, HJ missed 15 or so.
  5. Good win by HJ. The reason for all of the complaints about the refs was their inconsistencies and anticipation calls. Touch fouls on one end, which is fine as long as those calls are the same on the other end lol. Falling down doesn’t always mean you were fouled lol. One ref couldn’t even get up and down the court and considering the pace that’s always bad especially when he starts calling fouls in the paint when he isn’t even past half court yet smh. But on the other hand HJ needed to see some adversity. They continued to play for each other and helped each other thru. Great team win! On to
  6. Big difference in playing styles in this matchup and moving forward. China Spring guards must be able to handle the pressure consistently in order to make this interesting. HJ's defense against guards is ELITE! How deep is China Spring? Depth will be a big issue also especially with the pace that HJ plays at. HJ goal is 90+ possessions a game. HJ's ultimate goal is to play at a fast pace not to just score 100, it just has been working out like that lol.
  7. I was very impressed with Silsbee's young squad. Especially Botley! Her poise and court vision is exceptional! Oh and her change of pace into the crossover is elite! Yes the score was very lopsided but Botley played practically the whole game and was very poised. Bright future ahead for this young Queen, she has a very high ceiling and has next level potential.
  8. Biggest difference in this years HJ squad is their defense and their depth. They are averaging 25+ assists a game as a team, so they really share the ball also. If Silsbee's guards can handle the relentless pressure defense then it could be interesting.
  9. Silsbee will face probably Livingston or Splendora 1st round, then Yates or Navasota the 2nd. 3rd round will be against HJ. Lumberton will face Huffman 1st, then either Kashmere or Bellville 2nd. Not sure who their opponent will be 3rd round but it will be one out of Liberty, Orangefield, Royal and Worthing.
  10. Very physical game by both teams. Nobody likes the refs, but honestly refs dont shoot free throws, play defense in transition, make lay ups or rebound. And thats what beat Lumberton in this game. Silsbee jumped out to a big lead and Lumberton playing catch up had to deviate from their original game plan, but didnt rebound or shoot the ball well and missed probably 15+ ft's. Silsbee rebounded and scored in transition well and knocked ft's down. Good game by Silsbee. But looking ahead to the playoff picture tho this game could be HUGE! If you are a Lumberton fan maybe this loss wasnt so bad
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