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  1. All State Jayda Argumon - Woodville Jordyn Beaty - Woodville Ashlon Jackson - Hardin Jefferson Shelby Brookshire - Woden
  2. Congrats to all the ladies who were named to the TABC All Region and All State teams for this season. All Region Princess Anderson - Beaumont United Delanna Carter - Barbers Hill Delberta Guillory-Smith - Hardin Jefferson Ashlon Jackson - Hardin Jefferson Asia Mitchell - Jasper Kayden Morris - Lumberton Akira Ray - Silsbee Jayda Argumon - Woodville Jordyn Beaty - Woodville Telia Jackson - Woodville Faith Fregia - Orangefield Asia Robinson - Buna Shelby Brookshire - Woden Hannah Hawkins - Woden Meagan Johnson - Woden
  3. Harmon's mistake was a costly one. But I too applaud the Coach for standing firm and showing that no one is bigger than the team. Nice season Cy Creek, it was a wonderful game.
  4. Big ups to WO-S and to what they have accomplished this season. Their coach has done a tremendous job getting the most out of his players. However, what has been setting HJ apart from others is their team defense. Yes HJ does have numerous weapons offensively but their ability to defend you multiple ways is top notch.
  5. The game will be Tuesday Feb 25th at 7pm at Silsbee High school.
  6. Clear Springs is loaded! They have a team FULL of shooters and are also led by a 6'0 junior do it all forward Niah Johnson. If Springs is shooting well they are very hard to beat.
  7. Would be a good one! Legacy Prep has a very good player in Talisha Brown, who was previously at Wheatley High School, and last year led the nation in scoring.
  8. X and O wise you may not be "qualified" but imo you are "qualified" to deal with alpha players unless you are the type of coach where you allow your top player to do anything they want and you say nothing lol. I dont know about anything that goes on behind the scenes but BH is a good situation for a player of that magnitude. BH has a winning culture. But lets be honest tho, all of the extras whether it be positive or negative comes with the territory of high school athletics. Carter is the type of player that it doesnt matter where she goes to school at, 1A to 6A, if she stays healthy her parents WONT be having to pay for college and isnt that the goal? She plays on a big platform during the summer playing on a circuit team and this is where she is being evaluated.
  9. I think that Carter will be just fine where she is. BH made a very good hire with Coach Harris. Coach Harris has a State Championship with Manvel and has coached quite a few D-1 players including All-American and Notre Dame standout Brianna Turner. Coach Harris has obviously given Carter the keys to the team and after the way he coached Makenzie Green for 4 years, I would definitely say that he knows what he is doing. I see a lot of similarities between Carter and Green and Coach Harris in my opinion is coaching them the same, I would say tho that he has given more freedom to Carter then he did Green when she was a freshman. Carter being at BH will help her in a lot of ways and prepare her for the big stage that she will play on in college namely in teaching her how to lead a team. Now of course she will definitely need some help but BH always comes up with something lol.
  10. Good luck WO-S!! I believe that they can get it done and beat Livingston
  11. The game against Cy-Creek should be a good one! Cy-Creek has probably the best back court in the state with ESPN #20 Rori Harmon (2021) and #32 Kyndall Hunter (2021), and they are as advertised. And I agree, you still gotta lace em up and play the game no matter the opponent.
  12. Coach Sneed has been a HUGE asset for HJ's basketball program and for the community!
  13. Didnt Orangefield lose some key players before the season started?
  14. Their matchup Friday vs Carthage is HUGE now. Jasper has to pull it out for a chance to still win district, if they win they will be tied with Carthage for first.
  15. I think you have to slow the game down. Sprint back on defense and keep players in front of you, everyone else should have a foot in the lane....NO LAYUPS!! Offensively you have to hit shots and dont be afraid to attack especially off of screens. Gotta make BH uncomfortable, they want more pace so you gotta take some of the air out of the ball lol.
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