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  1. your QB is out. Others key starters played limited. This not only changes your play book and how you coach but your players mentality. This is hard to deal with and it throws everything out of sync. It starts showing on the field and this makes it even harder to mentally stay in the game mindset. This is normally how and when huge upsets happen. It didnt. They found a way to stay ahead and finish it. Alot of school are sent home in this scenario. Be proud of the program, coaches and kids. Get the pieces back together and open the playbook back up and Eagles will be fine again.
  2. man you have all the answers. how did it work out when you were there?
  3. thoughts? seems like two teams headed in different directions lately.
  4. agree. He made two obvious stomps well after the play. Got away with both.
  5. you are correct it's hard to play as an New AP. Discipline and winning are not easy. We have all seen the old AP system, Make sure the talent is happy and let them play by their rules. Scream about District Championships and try selling us your Boobie Miles. Hes gone by week 2 and you finish just above Warren in the district. I've seen your resume and I've seen Neeces. Congrats to the new AP.
  6. I'm pretty sure you said they would be lucky to get one of the 3?
  7. no it happened right in front of me. He took a full speed legal shoulder pad to the stomach. I was impressed he came back out. tough kid!
  8. Remember, I need your rankings by tomorrow at 2

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