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  1. the running bucks look like they're stuck in neutral the bumblebees look like they're running on all cylinders inside and outside
  2. 36-25 at the half bucs only taking about three three-point even attempts
  3. 34 to 20 bumble bees are winning one minute 37 seconds left EC is just getting out played
  4. The bucks are getting beat at their own game they are being out hustled and the other team is playing harder
  5. Anybody know the passcode to order tickets
  6. Let the predictions begin anyone have the link and password to get tickets
  7. 49 to 35 East Chambers winning 1 minute 25 left
  8. 46 to 35 East Chambers 2 minutes 17 seconds left in the game
  9. 44 to 33 East Chpambers winning 6 minutes 3 seconds left
  10. 37 to 33 East Chambers winning start of the 4th
  11. Tickets will go on sell tonight at 10:30 for the finals tomorrow. The password will be given to the coach's after the game. If someone get the code please post.
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