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  1. District 10 Anahuac Buna Cleveland Tarkington Hardin Kirbyville Orangefield Winnie East Chambers
  2. What does FB Marshall have coming back as a team
  3. It’s more than likely going to be one of his assistants from Westlake if I had to guess
  4. Tabor is out at La Vernia…they named an interim already
  5. I hope that coach doesn’t go anywhere but it would seem to me that if that drastic of a change then someone else must be in mind already to take over
  6. Good luck to you guys also…prayers for an injury free game!
  7. Orangefield is a solid team…they just need to control the clock and keep the game within striking distance….just a few weeks ago #4 WOS went into halftime leading Orangefield just 14-7…bobcats just let it slip away in the second half…game was a lot closer than the final score indicated
  8. I was just trying to get an idea my son is excited he got bumped up to varsity and gets to start playing tonight…just looking ahead to next week to see where I might be driving to
  9. Any ideas where orangefield will be playing next week?
  10. 8th grade A Orangefield 16 Bridge City 12 I haven’t posted in awhile me and my family moved to Orangefield 2 yrs ago and loving it…I have an 8th grader playing and I will tell you this…this 8th grade group at Orangefield could be a really special group when they get to the varsity level….they haven’t lost a game yet…went undefeated as 7th graders and still undefeated as 8th graders…Coach Smalley just might have one special group of boys a school gets very rarely very soon
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