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Jury: Agency at fault for woman poisoned using oven as dryer

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From the article:

Troilo's family said energy efficient windows and a sealed door hampered the flow of air into the apartment. 

Too efficient???  This is a sad story but come on.

I guess this is the result of ambulance chasers and jerry springer juries.

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On January 12, 2017 at 9:50 PM, tvc184 said:

The scary thing about going in front of a jury....... 

Though called for duty many times, only served on one that went all the way to decision time.  It ruined my opinion of our justice system, although I'm at a loss on how to improve it.  Probably 35 years ago, was a small civil trial over $1500 (about $5,000 now).  Between In-laws, a mother/father sued by son or daughter & spouse.  Essentially, a "we said, they said" case.  Foreman of jury fairly charismatic, and for the Plantiff (younger couple).  Jury split about 50-50 after discussing.  Foreman wants a vote (show of hands).  Initially, six hands went up, and as those six looked around, other hands started going up, like dominoes falling.  After about 15-20 seconds of this stare down, only me & the guy next to me, who he & I had been adamantly with the old folks, hadn't raised our hands.  What killed my faith in the system, he raised his hand, and all 11 are looking at me.  Told them they might as well put their hands down, I'm not raising mine.  Since it was a Civil case, it only took 10 juries to reach a verdict, so we went back and reported our vote.  I know there are followers that'll just go along with the crowd, but when this guy who was with me all the way raised his hand, I knew how flawed the system was, in my mind.  Was it just me?  Maybe I'm the flawed one.  Had everyone been against me in the discussion phase, even I'd think that.  In summary, had the foreman been with me, & the first vote been for the old folks, I'd bet a nice chunk of change, we'd had a unanimous verdict for them.

After court was dismissed, I stopped and talk to a friend who was (I think) Asst DA of Orange County.  The winning lawyer came up grinning like a champ (and he was by far the best lawyer of the two).  My friend introduced us, and I congratulated him on winning.  He said, By the way, which juror was out?  I said it was me.  He grinned even bigger lol.  Such is our jury system.

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