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Arp 13 Newton 6/FINAL

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The Class 3A, Division I, Region III Championship is within the grasp of the Newton Eagles as they face the Arp Tigers in this Class 3A, Division I Regional Final!  W.T. Johnston's Eagles, 13-0 on the season, started the playoff road to this point with a 66-0 bi-district win over Waskom.  They followed that with a 50-7 area round win over Buffalo and a 30-20 victory over Elysian Fields last week in the regional semifinal round.

Meanwhile, the Tigers, 11-2 on the season and runner up in District 9-3A-II, reached this point with a 55-13 bi-dsitrct win over Corrigan-Camden, followed by a 49-6 area round win over New Waverly and a 35-32 regional semifinal win over Crockett last week.

The winner of this game will face the winner of the Region IV Final, either Lexington or Boling, in the Class 3A, Division II State Semifinal next week.

Join Bobby Fillyaw, Donnie Meek and Jon Meek for all of the action from Dragon Stadium in Nacogdoches beginning with the Granger Chevrolet Pre Game Show at 7 followed by the kickoff at 7:30 by tuning your radio to KTXJ 102.7 FM or by clicking play on the following Cube player:

Follow Newton Eagle Playoff Football on The Gospel Giant, KXTJ 102.7 FM and Your Source for Sports in Southeast Texas, SETXsports!

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