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Minimum Wage Fee And Liberals...

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So I read the article. First off, let me say I have no problem with what the restaurant is doing. It's only logical that they'll have to find some way to make up the extra money that they're having to pay out. What gets me is the opinion piece you posted. He basically says that all liberals are in an uproar, tells us how stupid they are, but then posts quotes from a grand total of 1 (ONE) liberal who sounds, if we're perfectly honest, mildly concerned about the whole situation. So he tells you how stupid liberals are, how ridiculous it is that they're mad about this, and provides zero anecdotal evidence that they're actually upset.
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    • 12-4A II district tiebreakers
      It's usually point differential with a maximum number set in case of blowouts.  I don't know what the number is set at.  It used to be 18. Liberty is currently +15 against OF and -3 against HJ which = +12 HJ is +3 against Liberty = +3 OF is -15 against Liberty = -15 If that's the way it still works Orangefield would have to beat Hardin-Jefferson by 9 points to get the 3rd seed in the district as that would put both OF and HJ at -6 and OF would get the higher seed due to the head-to-head game. Of course given OF and Liberty both lose to WOS.   This is just a guess given the way ties have been broken in the past.  The rules are set by each district committee and can be completely different for every district which makes it no fun trying to figure out come this time of year.
    • 22-5A Playoffs
      Lol, that was half a decade ago. Dude, Vidor had 67 carries for barely 300 yards and didn't have a completion. Crosby had over 400 yards on only 51 plays by comparison and averaged nearly 10 yards per rushing attempt. We did a good job stopping the gimmicks, the eleven penalties for 100 yards, muffed kicks deep in our own territory and turnovers was the difference. Crosby played with three defensive linemen the whole game. We never put 11 or even 8 people in the box even though Flannigan knew y'all were incapable of completing a forward pass, which is why he currently coaches at Westbrook right now and Crosby has averaged 10 wins per season since. Riordan will abuse Mathews just like every other decent coach with talent does.    
    • Anahuac vs Hardin?
      Next week is going to be the match up against E.C. . I don't see this game being very close I think Anahuac wins .
    • Strong close to losing Job??
      Herman is an OC by profession. Not sure how he helps that problem. Strong did not just become a bad defensive coach over night.He knows his stuff on that side of the ball. Something is just not adding up. 
    • 12-4A II district tiebreakers
      If Orangefield, HJ and Liberty all end up with 2-2 records in district, what are the district tiebreakers to determine playoff seedings?
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