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SETXsports High School Football Scoreboard - Week 4

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Thursday, September 18, 2014



Crosby                       17   F       

Humble                      10                


Kingwood Park          44   F 

Galena Park                0



Friday, September 19, 2014



Dayton                        45   F       

Barbers Hill                   7               


New Caney                 20  F

Sheldon C.E. King      49



Baytown Sterling        34  F       

Clear Brook                26


Channelview 61 F

Aldine             0


Euless Trinity                      29  F

Galena Park North Shore   21               


Katy Taylor                    16   F

Beaumont West Brook  10


La Porte                        3   F        

The Woodlands           49                


Port Arthur Memorial           26   F

Richmond George Ranch    42



Orangefield (4A-II)      35   F       

Lumberton                   33 


Port Neches-Groves       53  F

Tyler Chapel Hill             20



Cleveland                                 7   F

Coldspring-Oakhurst (4A-II)   47          


Huffman Hargrave      25  F

Shepherd                    21


Jasper                  15   F   

Center                  26          


Liberty (4A-II)       14   F

Bridge City           25


Little Cypress-Mauriceville    7   F  

Hardin-Jefferson (4A-II)       27           


Silsbee                    0  F

WO-S (4A-II)         35


Splendora                    22  F  

Houston Kashmere      40



Buna (3A-I)                   34  F   

Hamshire-Fannett         27 


Huntington           32  F

Warren (3A-I)       38


Tarkington                        53   F

Houston Sam Houston      6



Corrigan-Camden (3A-II)      74  F   

Kountze                                40             


Deweyville (3A-II)     10 F   

Woodville                  26          



Burkeville (2A-II)           6   F   

Hemphill                      50           


Henderson             41 F

Newton                  32



Sabine Pass (2A-II)          0  F 

Hull-Daisetta                   59           


San Augustine           38 F

Groveton                     6



Shelbyville             47 F

Colmesneil              0



Crosby Victory and Praise   45  F    

Chester                                12            


High Island                      13  F

Sugarland Logos             44



Northland Christian         14  F

Beaumont Kelly               29


Private 6 man

Orange Community Chr.      35 F                          

Baytown Christian                75



Saturday, September 20, 2014



Deer Park                 45  F

Conroe Oak Ridge   38



West Hardin           20   F  

Evadale (2A-II)       44



Beaumont Legacy                21  F  

Houston Westbury Chr.        36         

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