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  1. Good luck East Chambers, Pulling for you to make it happen. take it to them.
  2. Wishing him to succeed in his journey. May the Lord favor him at the combine!!
  3. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    since this game is gonna happen, my opinion is this game will be won in the trenches. D1  talent,all-state and all-district talent and it will still come down to the offensive line vs. defensive front 7. again just my opinion but you have to have athletes to win but if you forget about the trenches , you could get in trouble fast. I have the most respect for West-Orange Starks and if Newton is gonna win another game with them. it could be this year. I just hope with our schedule, we don't get so banged- up we limp into district. Saying that, I had rather Newton go 0-4 with good competitive games ready for district than 4-0 playing weak competition winning by 50 points an not being prepared. We do have some depth but not near the depth of WOS and Gilmer. Probably not even Silsbee , numbers generally don't lie. JMO
  4. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Cardinal Backer,a few of your quotes on this thread,not all. You remind me of a friend I once had about 50 years ago. Anytime i went with him anywhere, it seemed to always have a fight there.It didn't take long to realize he enjoyed stirring the pot. He would run his mouth, then run his mouth more and the next thing i knew, i was in the middle of a fight. The problem was he wasn't around the fight. he just stepped back and enjoyed it, until one night i didn't cover his rear. i know you are a internet warrior and get off saying slanderous things.  If you are like my onetime friend , you have a alligator mouth and a mocking bird rear-end. if not you just don't like Newton and some other schools. JMO
  5. TSWA All State 5A

    Didn't  they miss Roschon Johnson. he is awful good not to make it. JMO
  6. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Newton felt like they were going to be good the next couple of years and that it was going to be hard to find games so they started trying to fill this schedule in october. if you don't believe it , check friday night heroes . co and smoaky . com. We aren't stupid about playing some schools and there is no school in SETX that would play John Curtis or Evangel. There are a lot of schools that I would prefer  Newton playing than WOS just because of what has been said on the thread about people running scared of Newton. The problem with some internet warriors is they let their fingers do the talking and have no accountability for it .(.i said some ,not all ) Again I hope we don't play WOS for at least 10 years. just find someone else.JMO
  7. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    My objection to this post is you using the wording ( several times ) instead of one scheduling  cycle which is 2 games which is a couple not several. Also,our record against WOS is 1 win and 7 losses so that wait till we are stacked doesn't hold water.
  8. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    I think you are wrong saying that. At least our coach came out and said he didn't want to play West-Orange Starks in 2016 and 2017. I know the first 6 times we played WOS , all game were away games for us. In 2004 a tropical storm took care of that game and in 2005 Hurricane Rita took care of that game. They tried to play it on thursday but Hurricane stopped traffic to Orange. We dodged WOS two years and owned up to it where some other schools dodged the Mustangs and crickets. Maybe we can play WOS later but get you facts straight please. JMO
  9. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    I know Newton wouldn't want back to back long distance games but Cameron needs a week 6 game if Newton doesn't already have one. that would be a good game.JMO
  10. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    I heard Henderson and Franklin might need games.don't know which weeks.
  11. Continually praying for you Todd, praying for strength,healing blessings and God's Favor upon you IN Jesus name my Lord and savior!!! Amen & Amen
  12. Lord, I ask you for Healing and for Favor for WOSgrad in Jesus name. Amen !
  13. Great year mustangs. Considering what you guys went through with Hurricane Harvey and losing several weeks practice that most schools got, you were awesome. JMO