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  1. Have you been to any of newton's practices so that you could tell somebody what they look like?

    1. jimmyw


      no, haven,t looked at them this year. i am down in the back right now so i just try to stay where i am somewhat comfortable.hope to be able to check them out next week.



      hope you get better and thanks

  2. Diboll

    Diboll had a run defense last year that pretty much held Newton's rushing attack  in check.  there pass defense didn't fair as well. If teams can run and pass equally well, they could give Diboll some problems.i think heavy run teams are going to be surprised.JMO

    This might sound crazy but I am glad these teams will play us. Win or lose, we have nothing to hang our heads about. These teams have nothing to gain and everything to lose playing a 3A school. Most people in 4A doesn't know how good a program we have. Just proud they are playing us. JMO

    Please tell us how you really feel . I bet you are a closet Mustang,Titan Or Eagle backer and that is o.k. with me.  I wonder if there are any teams in SETX that you haven't bashed. Just wondering!
  5. I'M HOME!

    Good, rest up and heal. still praying for you.
  6. i'm just old and contrary. i didn't realize he was on the D-line     . again,sorry about t      hat.
  7. I figured Jadrian Mcgraw of Newton would have been on the list of linebackers. he is on your list of top prospects and he was 3rd team all-state last year. JMO
  8. The Lords Favor is truly with  you. Miracles  still happen and you are proof of it. Anyway, take your time recovering but hurry back. we miss you Todd. JMHO
  9. continued prayers for Todd and continued Thanks to My Lord and Savior for his Favor for us.  Blessing us and Keeping us daily is a wonderful experience. Todd, I don't know you personnel y, but i do know the Lord is watching out for you.
  10. Great news and continued prayers !!!
  11. Praying for all to go well and the Lord's Blessings upon you !!!
  12. totally understand. glad to hear your health is o k. the Lord is good all the time. God Bless You WOSgrad, we need more people like you !!!
  13. I thought Dallardsville Big Sandy was 2A not 3A.
  14. tough loss wildcats. heck of a year and i know it doesn't help your feeling but you did good anyway.