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  1. WOSGrad needs your prayers

    Prayer for Todd
  2. Go East Chambers, win it all. Newton pulling for you guys !
  3. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all and may god smile on you this next year.
  4. Great game West Brook. You left it all on the field. You made SETX proud. I don't know any other way to put this but sometimes it just wasn't your day. You played good enough to win and it just didn't happen. Proud of the Bruins, heck of a game. JMO
  5. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Pulling for the Bruins. make Beaumont proud, make SETX proud and best of all, do it for yourself and school. Go win it all.
  6. Silsbee vs. Cuero, 4A State Semifinal

    Go Tigers . get some Turkey. Its Turkey season.Tigers by 14
  7. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Just be prepared,East Bernard seems to win lots of ugly games, these are the type teams that scare me. A team that wins ugly, you tend to not realize how talented they might be. Our  Eagles have been stopped  several times by this type team. A few years later the Seniors then still couldn't believe they lost. Just saying, there are no mulligans in play-off football. Be ready cause ,you snooze you lose. go beat the bulls. JMO
  8. Silsbee vs. Cuero, 4A State Semifinal

    Go get ur done Tigers. Have some Turkey early.so you can have a sweet Christmas.
  9. Watched the game. you left it all on the field.. the two point conversion was like a coin flip. i would have had everyone stacked to stop the big back or quarterback, their coach don't mind throwing the dice, anyway,you played a heck of a game. you made SETX proud. JMO
  10. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    You might need to ask Daingerfield how them Eagles hit. They don't play touch football up hear. Newton hasn't played up to there potential i will promise you. I hope its a good game but Newton going to be Newton. Newton folks  probably still have  T- shirts that say " if you want to win, don't play Newton. Just saying the Purple Beast will be ready, will East Bernard.
  11. All I can say is East Chambers  Win Buc's Win. Newton folks pulling for you !!!
  12. Just how big and bad a bunch of blue tigers are you.
  13. I saw on Facebook where Gunter and Comanche both had to forfeit their game with each other. Is this a rumor or is there any truth about it ? If true, i guess Holliday gets a bye next week. If someone knows anything, I would appreciate you letting us know.
  14. Way to go East Chambers. how sweet it is. one game at a time and everyone is pretty good.   a lot  of pride and a dab of luck could have you in Arlington. Pulling for you.
  15. Newton 69 Troup 14/FINAL

    Newton 62-7 over Troup at halftime