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  1. Letter Jackets

    I have a few pieces of  jackets from the early 60's. leather sleeves ok but the cloth part became moth food i guess.
  2. Prayers For Silsbee Community

    Prayers for family and community
  3. Kirbyville @ Coldspring

    Kirbyville 28-14 over Coldspring
  4. Madisonville/Crockett

    Crockett must be young. I heard Madisonville  has a good football team.
  5. What is going on in 4A D2 Region 3?

    I do believe the two weeks off has a lot of the golden triangle-Houston schools at a disadvantage. I hope they can catch up by district. maybe by week 6 they will have caught -up. It doesn't look like West Orange-Starks is behind schedule but if you asked the coach he would say they were a little behind where they should be. You don't lose that much practice plus the stress they all went through without having  them lacking in some areas especially conditioning. JMO
  6. Diboll at Newton

    Silsbee and new Bridge City are good teams and Diboll might be better than we think. It is hard to keep scheduling  West-Orange Starks when your enrollment keeps dropping yearly.  I like us playing up 1/2 our pre-dist. games but playing all bigger schools can get you pretty banged up.JMO
  7. Diboll at Newton

    if that is the case ,why didn't Newton and Kirbyville play week 1?
  8. Diboll at Newton

    I think Diboll will give Newton a game, I still see Newton winning 34-21. Remember Diboll didn't have a week of non-practice.JMO
  9. Silsbee @ Newton

    where did that come from, neither team has had a real practice for at least a week until monday. I think they both will be rusty and out of shape. Endurance will be the key late and hope no injuries,,just a good clean game. JMO,
  10. Prayers for everyone in harms way!
  11. Newton @ Kirbyville

    if there is a game, it will be muddy and  I will go with them eagles but it could be fumbles everywhere.
  12. Prayers

    Prayers for Braden Carter and family.
  13. I do  hope that you realize that  all but 2 of those games were before 1974 and Little Cyprus was not even consolidated with  Mauriceville then.  Think about relying  on the past. Now in the  1960's Little Cyprus had Newton's number but they haven't since becoming LC-M.