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  1. Newton 65 Hemphill 21/FINAL

    i wish someone would pass on Newton, there DB are feeling neglected. you know when you pass the ball, while the ball is in the air it is anybodies ball and i like our chances. Gilmer is a pretty good passing team and we won . i don't think there are  any 3 A schools that are better passing teams than Gilmer. JMO
  2. HJ @ Silsbee

    Silsbee 49- 7 over Sour Lake

    it would have been awesome if Newton and Jasper would have played this year while both were ranked # 1 by Texas Football Magazine. i think it is great that two SETX teams that are 15 miles apart are rated number one. JMO
  4. Jasper 55 Shepherd 3/FINAL

    Just stating facts. wasn't the score about what i said. Anyway I am not from Jasper. I am from Newton and I was trying to support Jasper and Kirbyville. I will continue to support Kirbyville but if I cannot have an opinion on Jasper I want. I will back the volleyball because of my granddaughter but that will be it. you don't have to worry about this old mans comments anymore. Go Eagles
  5. Jasper 55 Shepherd 3/FINAL

    game will be easier than practice. Jasper 56- 14 Shepherd
  6. Kirbyville @ Orangefield

    i am pulling for the Wildcats, I just hope the kids play 4 quarters of good football . if so they have a chance.
  7. WOS@Jasper

    its gonna be a packed house for sure.Newton has bye week and a couple other teams in our district. we love our football and will be backing our neighbors to the west of us. Go Dawgs, i do think that this game could be a lot of miscues. both teams quarterbacks will have to make extremely fast decisions and mistakes happen.JMO
  8. Silsbee vs Longview Spring Hill

    Silsbee       56 Spring Hill   14
  9. WOS@Jasper

    last week Jasper was rated #2 by Texas football 4A Div 2 so they are getting some recognition.JMO
  10. I like the way Newton is playing but unless  they win there last play off game, they want be remembered. hypothetical s  are o k  but  you shouldn't be able to beat the larger schools. the numbers will catch up with most of us unless you are a private school like IMG. JMO
  11. Newton has a lot of respect for Franklin.I guess the stars didn't line up for it to happen but I know  that coach  W. T. Johnston did try to get Rockdale  to play  and some others out that way to play Newton. They might not  have been able to find a neutral site. Anyway it would have been a good game. jmo
  12. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    Is anyone else getting this Chinese looking letters like files are corrupted.
  13. Jasper @ LaMarque

    Jasper wins big but Dave Campbell just put target on their backs. Jasper rated  #2 in 4a Div 2 this week.
  14. Anahuac vs Kirbyville! Predictions

    pulling for our neighbors. Kirbyville 20-12 over Anahuac
  15. this game could get ugly, mercy rule ugly. Franklin J. V. gets over half  the playing time. Franklin Big!!!