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  1. Answered and re-answered !!! We are just tired of arguing with someone that can’t accept his season is over... see y’all next year .. beautiful day up in the piney woods time for some golf and fishing ✌️
  2. You just can’t argue with stupid can you !!!  Look up this nugget ... when is the last time a BC team has won a playoff series against Jasper ?? Better go back a couple of decades to find out 
  3. Cause they swing a 33” bat ... they can choose 32” 33” or 34” most all swing the 33 ... they are all same kind same brand all look alike just different lengths 
  4. Baseball boosters buy the bats for our kids we purchase the same bats but in different sizes most kids swing a 33” couple swing a 32....  with that being said the BC faithful should be embarrassed by coach Landry’s whining all night about our bats.. he said all the right things to the media after the game but during the game he cried like a little girl not getting her way..
  5. Huffman vrs lufkin Hudson

    Jasper played both teams twice this year with that said Huffman should handle Hudson ... Hudson is a step down this year from where they normally are 
  6. Jasper vs Bridge City

    Jasper has beat BC twice this year ... 11-5 & 14-7 ... jasper should win this series in 2... Herd BC didn’t want to play at home because jasper hit 4 hr in BC when they played there.
  7. Time for a jasper smack down !!
  8. Jasper 5 Huffman Hargrave 4/FINAL

    Huffman is one of the better teams I’ve seen this year including all of 224a (Bmt area) 
  9. Bridge City 8 Silsbee 1/FINAL

    Wow looks like Silsbee is way down this year
  10. No lights at H-J

    Ya huge embarrassment to the HJ school district !!! They can afford lights without a bond $180,000 is a very small percentage of a schools budget ... they probably waste that much on no essentials every year.
  11. Foshee for Jasper and Burbank for Kelly look good. Both left after 5 innings in a 1-1 tie.  Kelly hit the relief pitcher and Jasper never got a timely hit 
  12. 1 game suspension is weak .. the jasper QB is in his senior year and will miss one game for sure maybe more... 
  13. I've herd the UIL is investigating... again HERD ... supposedly the UIL. has reached out to the family and I'm guessing the jasper coaches... 
  14. I posted the video and notice the jasper player didn't stop and linger over him I'm sure after he noticed the young man was injured he kept walking away
  15. It was jasper 23 silsbee 15