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    I’ll tell you why .. because the kid that took the cheap shot on our QB last year would probably not have walked off the field !!! Coach Barbay is intelligent enough to know that and avoided conflict..smart man 
  2. Hardin 42 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    And we are still shocked by that !!! We were all wondering how he would do in football ... didn’t get any further in baseball than previous coach ... I’m sure glad jasper didn’t hire him... Your superintendent sure has hurt kville 
  3. Hardin 42 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    Y’all got beat by Hardin ... by Hardin wow ... they deserve to celebrate.. kville still has the same gene pool as Newton and Jasper in fact y’all RB played in jasper in middle school..  great player
  4. Jasper 55 Shepherd 3/FINAL

    Game will be over by halftime!!! 
  5. I wouldn’t sleep on HJ either they will get better each game with the new coaching staff ... but with WOS inability to throw the ball just stop the run and any team has a chance.. 
  6. WOS fans better be worried about Silsbee next week... I don’t think it’s to far fetched to say WOS might finish 3rd in their district this year 
  7. I’m disappointed Barbay took knee on the 1 yard line with 2 min left to end the game ... you know dang well WOS would have put the points on the board!!!!  
  8. Jasper 45 Bridge City 7/FINAL

    Dang BC is bad ... they are way way down after the coach left .. I herd it was gonna be bad but I can’t believe it’s this bad
  9. Jasper vs. Bridge City

    I don’t see BC scoring on jasper 1st string Defense and the Jasper Offence will roll right through BC ...  jasper half a hundred to BC little to nothing 
  10. Newton 71 Kirbyville 0/FINAL

    Lot of interest in kville football this year because a baseball coach was hired as AD head football coach... no doubt kville has good baseball program but Jones runs  Bennett off soon as he’s hired takes over baseball program so football was put on back burner until baseball was over...I’m just saying it will be an interesting football season in kville this year
  11. Jasper 31 Lumberton 14/FINAL

    Lumberton scores both TD’s off of jasper fumbles one inside jaspers own 5 yard line ... jasper controlled the game from start to finish ... hope the lumberton kid is ok looked like a bad ankle injury 
  12. Jasper at Lumberton

    I stand corrected I was there and do remember y’all had a good QB and passing game as well 
  13. Jasper at Lumberton

    Only time I can remember Lumberton beating jasper was like in 1986 7-6 in a rain storm but jasper had several TD’s called back lot of home cooking that game ... Jasper rolls thru lumberton!!! 
  14. Answered and re-answered !!! We are just tired of arguing with someone that can’t accept his season is over... see y’all next year .. beautiful day up in the piney woods time for some golf and fishing ✌️
  15. You just can’t argue with stupid can you !!!  Look up this nugget ... when is the last time a BC team has won a playoff series against Jasper ?? Better go back a couple of decades to find out