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  1. Nederland Bond

    The surface on which athletes perform does not cultivate toughness.
  2. Nederland Bond

    I can’t and will not understand not supporting the youth of a community. Sounds like the bond heavily supports CATE/STEM programs. Obviously, the improvements to the stadium benefits football, but is also helps boys and girls soccer, marching band, drill dream, cheerleaders, track meets for multiple levels, etc. 
  3. Coaching Carousel

    According to Matt Stepp, Riordan has officially resigned at Crosby
  4. Let's try this again - Bridge City OC job OPEN

    All the problems 
  5. Let's try this again - Bridge City OC job OPEN

    Back in the day with Dishon and Sparks, they had stud stickball and football players. Pretty sure Claude Tarver was the Head Coach in those days. 
  6. La Porte Coach

    If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on the candidates in closer proximity to La Porte. Crazier things have happened, though. 
  7. Stephenville open - Houston area related

    I’m sure there are a few Houston area coaches with ties to that part of the state
  8. Coaching Carousel

    Any word? Had also heard some grumblings out of Anahuac
  9. Kountze

  10. Kountze

    Is it still just Head Football or did they attach the AD spot to it?
  11. La Porte Coach

    I believe it was
  12. Kountze

    Danny Shapiro would have
  13. Anahuac Open?

    The new upgrades could attract some candidates from the Golden Triangle and possibly the Eastern side of the Greater Houston Area.
  14. Kountze

    Is that a done deal? You would figure that people would want to open it up and do a better job of vetting this go round?