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  1. That’s awesome West Brook - good for y’all!
  2. Lumberton vs Henderson

    Henderson beat a very good Crandall team - I pick Henderson by 2 scores  No Lumberton hate - just my prediction 
  3. Huffman vs Carthage

    Carthage by as many as they want 
  4. Hats off to Faircloth  Sometimes unsavory people need to be put in their place 
  5. Area Round: East Chambers vs West

    East vs West?
  6. FYI from ol Soulja....

    Weve seen it time and again Would a new coach be able to bring in his own and staff and run his program? Consistency in the form of proven success is more helpful than perpetual mediocrity.
  7. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    How did this become a Hardin thread?
  8. Lumberton vs Houston Wheatley

    Brush up on Houston Lamar’s history 
  9. FYI from ol Soulja....

  10. FYI from ol Soulja....

    I don’t believe it’s as flawed a premise as you might think. There tons of underperforming schools in metro areas where student-athletes are recruited. I don’t disagree with your statement of successful programs garnering attention. But there are also very successful teams that don’t have many kids sign.  It’s obvious that people would want both, as would I. I was simply asking if you had to pick either, which would it be.
  11. FYI from ol Soulja....

    No argument here I was speaking hypothetically 
  12. I understand that it might not logistically make since, but a consolidation of those schools seems what’s best from an athletic perspective. That being said, I can imagine the issues what would cause in terms of housing students and creating a functional learning environment.
  13. FYI from ol Soulja....

    Legit Question: Understood that everyone would like to both: If you had to choose between a coach that won football games or one that got kids recruited, which would you prefer? 
  14. West Orange Stark vs Huntington

    Pray for Huntington 
  15. The Hill vs Manvel

    Would be interesting to see what happens if The Hill beats Manvel...