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  1. Manvel vs Angleton

    How about when North Shore played The Woodlands for a state championship? They might be 40 miles apart, but they’re both in the Greater Houston Area  

    Serve me the crow gumbo or fried
  3. Katy Tigers vs North Shore Mustangs

    Katy until proven differently 
  4. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    You have 4 obvious reasons to be a concerned, invested parent. Whatever happens, I hope it is in the best interest of the kids.
  5. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    I read Ashly’s article - I’m discussing how some actually think there is an “East” Beaumont. Also, how some former students and players feel about the issue.  Ive also stated in previous post related to this topic that I support whatever the people most directly impacted by this want to do. It’s their money and their kids. Name it Obama High, won’t bother me one bit. I no longer live in Beaumont, nor do I have kids that go to BISD schools. I’m just a former resident that’s interested in what’s happening. 
  6. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    Not sure if you’re directing that at me, I’m aware of the fact there is no “East” Beaumont. Friends of mine who still live in Beaumont and attended each of these schools have emphasized that.  However, those I’ve spoken to not from Beaumont believe there is a West and and East. Or if there is a West, then diametrically there should be an East. Much like if there’s a Right, then there must be a Left, Up/Down, Hot/Cold, etc...
  7. What if Central and Ozen combine?

     Not all people You may have to spell that out for em
  8. Should Roschon Transfer?

    The fact that this thread has 4 Pages now is laughable  Let’s pull a kid out of school so he can go win somewhere else? Come on man... That’s exactly what’s wrong with kids today and why teachers are dealing with entitlement issues on a daily basis. Pretty dang soon they’ll be in the workplace - and those of you on here that are some sort of supervisor are going to have to deal with that damage. Luckily, from all I’ve heard, Roschon is a great kid. However, we’re creating a generation of “Me-First” kids by catering to this mentality of you can play in your own sandbox. Ridiculous 
  9. Should Roschon Transfer?

    Alvarez is a Wing-T guy  

    Watched em both - I’m taking Temple over Manvel. Call me crazy 
  11. It may not necessarily make you 5-5, but you’re limiting yourself to being above average at best on either side. I’m a fan of hanging your hat on one - doesn’t make me right. I’ve seen local teams for years take the 5-5/6-4 one and done route.  Just my opinion from observations
  12. Central/Ozen UIL situation

    The district I'm referring to is the old 21-6A/5A with: West Brook, PAM, Deer Park, North Shore, La Porte, Channelview and Sterling No doubt West Brook would've done well in the current Pasadena District - only real challenge would've been Deer Park this year I think
  13. Langham Creek 51 Kingwood 16/FINAL

    It's been impressive to see Kingwood experience the success they've had this year without a school due to Harvey Congrats on a great season!
  14. Central/Ozen UIL situation

    PAM also went 3-7 in that district their last year in 6A North Shore beats BWB, but West Brook makes playoffs. No hate for PAM or BWB, but they never consistently beat the top 3 in that district: North Shore, La Porte and Deer Park