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  1. PNG Defense Needs Help

    If they’ve always been starters on the varsity, why are they not getting to play?
  2. Realignment

    6A school with over 2100 kids just a couple years ago - shifts in enrollment always grab my attention whether it is growth or not...
  3. Livingston vs PAM

    What's the deal?
  4. PNG Defense Needs Help

    Not necessarily, Cinco Ranch on the south side of town has fielded some good teams. It's fairly common knowledge in the GHA that people moved to Katy for their kids to play for Katy High School. Some of the people who moved their for that very reason about had a riot at a school board meeting when the new lines were drawn and kids who were going to go to Katy High were then going to have to go to the new Paewtow High. Anyway, it's Houston, everyone has good players. Just the statement of Katy having "hard working kids, and hardly any D1 talent" was what what I was initially responding to. 
  5. Livingston vs PAM

    This thread got hijacked
  6. PNG Defense Needs Help

    No, nothing wrong with learning from the best, on that we agree. But your comment about “hardly any D1 athletes” couldn’t be more wrong. This last Saturday 3 former Katy running backs were playing: Anderson (Oklahoma), Porter (Texas) and Taylor (Nebraska). They had a former DL (Dimon) playing at Oklahoma as well, plus a former safety (Whitlock) who is now on Northwestern, Fulks who plays WR at Utah. Come on man lol
  7. PNG Defense Needs Help

    And pick up a few of their Division 1 studs and bring them back? Gary Joseph is a very good coach, his record speaks for itself. But having top flight players also helps, plus everyone in the GHA wanting to move to your school because of the quality school district and football program.
  8. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    ^^^ What he said Jag
  9. DCTF's Matt Stepp Playoff Projections

    Shadow of their former selves 10 years ago, wouldn’t have dreamed of them beating Hardin by a possession 
  10. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    Your team is 5-0 and just beat a very good PAM team, and you’re complaining. Count your blessings kid and stop wearing those rose colored lenses.  
  11. PNG did use every trick play in the book They also scored 44 points on this vaunted Titans defense that had given up 8 points a game, and beat them. Facts are facts - a win is a win and a loss is a loss. PAM now has Livingston and PNG now has Vidor. Game is really meaningless overall in the grand scheme of playoffs, best of luck to both teams going forward. Hope y’all represent District 22-5A well 
  12. Lumberton vs PAM

    If Lumberton can't score vs PNG, they can't score vs PAM... Just Sayin
  13. PNG JV@Hardin

    Gotta get those Ws vs JV teams when the opportunity presents itself I guess