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  1. Is the hangover that bad from the previous regime or is it just this group of kids or...? Please enlighten me
  2. Goose Creek Memorial @ Houston Wisdom

    +1000 to you sir
  3. BH Vs. Vidor

    Vidor 0-3 in district, I choose BH  
  4. EC @ Kirbyville

    EC has their way with Kirbyville  EC by 28+
  5. Jasper @ Huntington

    Jasper in a big way
  6. Beaumont United vs Channelview

    I’m not rooting against The U, but based on what’s been shown I choose CV
  7. Goose Creek Memorial @ Houston Wisdom

    Wisdom might be the worst team in the history of football 
  8. 21-6A

    Why not just combine all the schools into a large 6A? I know it was voted upon, but dang this is hard to watch 
  9. PNG@Dayton

    PNG by as many as they want 
  10. I’m not sure if they’ve ever won a state title I know they were making deep runs there for awhile, now they’re struggling to win a game
  11. Beaumont West Brook 57 Channelview 21/FINAL

    West Brook
  12. Crosby V. PNG

    I’m not among the east of the trinity fans Only making observations of events that have already transpired 
  13. Crosby V. PNG

    That’s all it took last season didn’t it?
  14. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    Could be the best district matchup between any team in District 9-5A D1