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  1. District 9-5A DI

    I can respect that I may not agree, but I appreciate your response and rationale
  2. District 9-5A DI

    Who in that district is capable of beating Port Arthur?
  3. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    Initial thoughts going into the season, which are probably 50% wrong anyway: 1) Top Tier - Barbers Hill, Crosby, Nederland, Port Neches-Groves 2) Middle of the Pack - Dayton and Vidor 3) Bottom Rung - Baytown Lee and Santa Fe ***(Each listed in alphabetical order)   Vidor will sneak one past one of the teams in the top tier because that's what they seem to do. Dayton could easily be a top 4 team with Nations bringing in former Dayton OC/Groveton HFC Crauss back into the fold to call plays. Maybe they capture lighting in a bottle from their mid/late 2000s runs...? Westerberg gained a transfer at QB, which one could argue was BHs undoing last year in district play due to injuries. PNG will go as far as their QB will take them, and Nederland will do what they always do. I don't see Lee or Santa Fe making legitimate threats to any of the other 6 teams in the district. 
  4. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    I was referring to Manvel and Marshall. Manvel would not want to call out Marshall, because that would be the pot calling the kettle black. My intention was not to create a GCM vs Crosby mudslinging session.
  5. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    Manvel and Marshall are in the same district 
  6. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    Same district 
  7. Nederland ISD growing

    I had tried to put the Michael Jackson eating popcorn pic here, but y’all can use your imaginations.
  8. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    It’s the sad world we’re living in these days 
  9. Lets Talk district 9-5A-1 Football

    Lots of transfers from teams out of this district heading into this season...
  10. 2018 DEER PARK DEER

    Tough non-district and tougher district play    we shall see
  11. 2018 DEER PARK DEER

    You sure?

    Do they still play PNG’s JV?
  13. Woodville RB Zack Martin commits to ULM!

    Good for him, best of luck 

    Going to be interesting to see the new look Wildcats