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  1. I look forward to this more so than Dave Campbell’s to be honest 
  2. Silsbee backfield

    I can respect that outlook 
  3. Silsbee backfield Less than 10 winning seasons since 1966.    From WOS87’s records from 6A Texas Football:
  4. Silsbee backfield

     Not trying to make a Silsbee thread into an L-Town one, but how many “successful” seasons has Lumberton had? And for the sake of this thread as it pertains to Lumberton, let’s define success as “made the playoffs”.
  5. Silsbee backfield

    Slow white kids, not sure their under levels scored any points  May actually have a winning record by dropping a classification tho 
  6. Would be supremely disappointed if I had to play in the Slot T in an All Star Game
  7. Not trying to start crap, but is this how far the Wildcats finished last season in baseball?
  8. Baytown Sterling is Open

    Houston area schools typically hire guys within their region of Houston. Katy schools pull from other Katy schools for the most part. Similar in the South Belt area, they try to pull from Pearland and Dawson.  Was interesting to see Baytown Sterling go with Toomer and Grand Oaks go with Jackson. There’s always an exemption to the unspoken rule...
  9. Saratoga West Hardin

      I'm going to get a job with Enterprise Rent-a-Car, because they have an excellent corporate structure. And they give you all the tools to be your own boss.
  10. Baytown Sterling is Open

    According to TEA, GCCISD is predominately Hispanic. For what it’s worth. 
  11. Coldspring open

  12. Coldspring open

    It took 2 posts to redirect us? Why don't you update us on the Coldspring situation?
  13. Coldspring open

    Which team has more State Championships in Football? Manvel or Highland Park...
  14. Coldspring open

    Matt Stafford prolly wouldn’t beat a lot of Manvel Mavericks in a race to this day, but is a better NFL quarterback than anyone they’ve put out.