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  1. Silsbee running back returning to post

    Lots of SETX schools are wishing they had turf about now... 
  2. Goose Creek ISD Scheduling

    Sounds like the goose is on the loose
  3. New Uniforms??

    I'm sure the kids enjoy getting to wear them Would be fun to seem some the area teams bust out the old/throwback uniforms when they play each other: PNG/WOS, Ned/WOS, if PAM did one for TJ/Lincoln/SFA at different points in the year. Sounds like some PNG faithful would completely go bananas if the "zig-zags" were brought back. Unreasonable to think it could be done, but fun to think/talk about.
  4. New Uniforms??

    I feel like I see them wearing the same ones from back in 90s every great now and again. 
  5. Fair assessment 
  6. Humble has some athletes - would interesting to see them put it all together 
  7. Silsbee football field

    Be careful with the "turf" question... Some in these parts get fussy over some fake grass...
  8. I don't disagree with that Whether you knowingly or unknowingly submitted incorrect numbers, you should be held accountable. If any of us had submitted incorrect information in regards to our taxes, the IRS would be all over us. 
  9. Maybe turn in an accurate snapshot number next time
  10. PNG Colors

    Did it say no "Montana" gray?
  11. I think he's referring to BISD haters
  12. Page 16 of this thread covers a lot of that
  13. David Thompson of the Enterprise tweeted that a School Board member informed him that no one has been fired and Barbay has meetings with the Superintendent and School Board on Monday.
  14.   list of applicants was released
  15. Foreman a finalist for a head coaching job

    As opposed to the BC Flag or Touch Football Cardinals...?