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  1. District standings

  2. LCM VS HJ

    Maybe so,   I just was provided some more info on situation and thought I'd pass it along. Nothing against the team at all.
  3. LCM VS HJ

    Can't argue about other coaches should know the rule but as an older coach and district chair I think I'd pay attention to that. Umpires ask about district rules at home plate, it's not their job to know that. This topic is old but it is not district policy to play 5 innings.
  4. LCM VS HJ

    Ask your coach why she didnt know district policy! Heard they were up 16-1 after 3 innings. none of your questions can I answer, but head coach of a sport that's district chair ought to know rules. 
  5. LCM VS HJ

    After further inquiry,  your coach didn't know your district changed to 15 after 3 innings this year.  Oh wait LCM is district chair???  Hmmmmmm? Either wanted extra at bats or doesn't care about district policy?
  6. LCM VS HJ

    I agree 5 inning rule is silly. Leaving bag early doesn't hurt stats. Softball is easiest sport to control score. Yeah it's big girl ball but no kid needs to be embarrassed like that, hard to ask kids to give their all down by 27. Its not the girls fault at all, but some people want to show the world how good their team is without respecting the game.
  7. LCM VS HJ

    Bless your heart!
  8. LCM VS HJ

    Pad stats much?
  9. LCM VS HJ

    28 runs?
  10. Nederland Bond

    Not all fields you mentioned have had any upgrades at all.
  11. Nederland @ Vidor

    More like a missed fieldgoal.
  12. Maybe you should reply to the one that said worst play calling in years. 
  13. Jasper at Lumberton

    Jasper has a special group of athletes for next few years. I'll take Dogs by 14