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  1. Nederland Bond

    Not all fields you mentioned have had any upgrades at all.
  2. Nederland @ Vidor

    More like a missed fieldgoal.
  3. Maybe you should reply to the one that said worst play calling in years. 
  4. Jasper at Lumberton

    Jasper has a special group of athletes for next few years. I'll take Dogs by 14
  5. Delbert Spell Retiring

    Coach Spell is a great man and will be missed on and off the field.  He is a man of great character and integrity he did it the Buldog Way,. One of the best Men I have ever been around. He and his wife raised,  amazing kids, two of which are educators. There will never be another like him, they broke that mold. Enjoy retirement Coach and know that you have impacted so many players and coaches in a   positive way. 
  6. Liberty/Huffman/Tarkington Tournament

  7. message me if anyone is looking for a game for every Thursday for next 4 weeks. Our B team needs games, will play small school jv or sophomore teams.
  8. Vidor

    I heard a rumor Vidor was playing a game this week, even though all of 22-5a revised their schedule partly due to Vidor not having enough players.
  9. passee vs. runner apples to oranges
  10. Lumberton at Vidor predictions...

    Y'all were better last year.