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  1. Texas 10 Highest Paid HS Football Coaches

    My nephew played for Don't Clayton last year, I'll be nice, he's very over paid, especially what happened in the semi final game last year here in San Antonio........
  2. I want the Eagles to play in the Alamodome here in SA traffic is mild compared to Jerry World, Go Eagles Go !!!
  3. Newton 45 Waskom 6/FINAL

  4. Newton 45 Waskom 6/FINAL

    Last score I got from boling was  boling  28 Lexington 21 
  5. Bo Bo & Blair, I aint heard that in a long time, I think the team that begins with "T" will win...
  6. Class 3A Division II state semifinal location

    I would rather see them play here at the Alamodome, I'll be watching Lake Travis and Todd Dodge's Westlake whipping up on SA O'Conner and Cibolo Steele, Go Newton Eagles!  
  7. Wimberley (12-1) vs. Cuero (12-0)

    I think Cuero will beat wimberley, I've seen wimberley play 2 games this year and talked to the coach of Halletsville, he thinks Cuero should win.    
  8. Regional Semifinals Predictions Scores

    Tidehaven 45 vs Lexington 23 Westlake 77 vs whomever their playing 13 O'Connor 54 vs San (Freddie Fender's home town) Benito 6
  9. West Orange-Stark 28 Madisonville 26/FINAL

    I think it'll be Cuero vs WOS in semi
  10. West Orange-Stark 28 Madisonville 26/FINAL

    How much time left
  11. West Orange-Stark 28 Madisonville 26/FINAL

    Should be cuero vs WOS in the semi final
  12. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    Dang spell check.
  13. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    I've been wat hung Lexington play allyr out here, I think Tidehaven could beat Lexington.  
  14. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    Thanks for the score, that Josh Foster is a very fine young man.  
  15. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    Can some one please give game updates, my plugin isn't working