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  1. first time i have ever been to a basketball tournament like this.  it's been enjoyable.  go Rebels 
  2. Cutoff Numbers

    so either way. long bus travels for those bobcats
  3. Cutoff Numbers

    does anybody have any idea what they are going to do with hull daisetta ? will they be traveling quite a bit next season
  4. Newton 21 West Rusk 7/FINAL

    i fear gunter and canadian are not just a little better than newton, but a lot better i sure hope i am wrong and the eagles win the trophy
  5. Round 3 Upset Special!

    i would say there were only 2 upsets last night    
  6. i saw online where lufkin freshman won 75-70 over anahuac
  7. Silsbee v Carthage

    i would be to if a family member was going to be handing him off the ball in two years
  8. Newton vs West Rusk @Tatum fri 730

    thats awesome. i wonder how close they have been in previous years and who slipped up and knocked those eagles out. it seems like they have been close a 1/2 dozen times or more
  9. Newton vs West Rusk @Tatum fri 730

    i should probably look up recent history but i'm going to be lazy and ask you all does newton have any state championships under their hat? Can somebody fill me in on last 10-20 years of Newtons football history, how far they have went and who eliminated them on the runs they have made to State? It seems like Newton has fallen short several times, but was in all of those games closely. should newton win state this year? they seem to be the favorite by most
  10. Silsbee v Carthage

    i dont know if silsbee has a shot, but i do know that they will play hard and give it their best shot
  11. Could it be??

    it simply blows my mind that we dont make it further then we do every year in the small school divisions. i know or atleast i think i know that we have the kids to compete at a higher level. can somebody please explain why we fall short
  12. you are saying woodville is stronger, bigger and faster than rockdale? dont rockdale have track stars that win state, like relay teams and stuff like that ?
  13. they seem very confident in their ability to be dont think they have a shot ?
  14. wow.  thats impressive
  15. has woodville ever been further than round 2 in football ? that would be cool if they could beat rockdale i know this is usually where setx schools aside from newton and wos, began to air up the basketballs let's hope not and a few of our area schools end the curse