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  1. The Dark Side of 7-7

    trumps highschool baseball/softball any day of the week.
  2. THSBCA All State Teams

    i agree. i was just thinking though, who on that team stood out head and shoulders from everyone/anyone else. seems like they played great together (team ball) as well from what i was told  
  3. THSBCA All State Teams

    Which Kirbyville player(s) were worthy of this prestige achievement? 
  4. Nothing from Hardin or Liberty? interesting  
  5. H-F on the rise

    who is bad in 7on7 but good at 11-man ? on the flip side, alot of good 7on7 teams are bad at 11-man - at the lower levels
  6. H-F on the rise

    It's not an opinion or a hypothetical. Do you read DC Magazine? You should, because it seems you are misinformed regarding 5a/6a football and the success correlation between 7on7 and friday night lights.  
  7. H-F on the rise

    That's just a small school analogy. At the 5a level, those competing at a high level in 7on7 are winning districts and playoff games according to the study by Matt Stepp from Dave Cambells magazine.
  8. And one of them can't even drive a vehicle. Good lord how much better she's going to get and those other youngins around her. heck they may have a whole team playing collegiate softball in a few years. that's unheard of at the 4a level
  9. East Chambers 31 Hardin 12

    i would probably agree with this after doing a little research on this district. what does buna, OF and kirbyville have coming back? i understand woodville to be very good with a lot of key players returning and east chambers is always at the top of their district 
  10. is it true that liberty starts 5 freshman, 2 sophmores, 1 junior and 1 senior ? holy crap
  11. i wonder if liberty's freshman will be able to shut them down as well ? i heard she was committed to baylor - West ?
  12. East Chambers 31 Hardin 12

    who should be the top 4 teams in this district ? woodville and east chambers favorites to win ?
  13. East Chambers 31 Hardin 12

    i recently moved to liberty to be closer to my job in mont belvieu and have decided to put both of my kids in Hardin. my baby girl is in junior high and my boy is going to 4th grade. hardin seems to be a good fit for us at this time. i met some of the coaches a few weeks ago and i like what i hear about the AD and administration. from everything i am told, they struggle in football a bit. 
  14. Coldspring open

    It's the same thing that happens to East Chambers on a yearly basis. They are typically more athletic than anyone in the region at the 3a level, but when it comes down to it......first/second round they get outplayed, outhustled and out-coached by several in the Region to the north of them....its not a hard concept to understand