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  1. Lol no coward here I assure you....just find it hilarious the most outspoken guy on these forums....the one with the loudest mouth can’t take a little hazing after a first round exit
  2. Sounds like PA could use an iPad....or an offense...or a kicker lol
  3. You can come watch the one man band next week being that you won’t have a game to go to 
  4. Missing persons report....where is Pakronos....guess things are a tad different outside of the cupcake district eh?
  5. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Why aren’t you working somewhere as a scout? That’s a whole lot to assess from 3 games over 3 years lol
  6. I will say that if PNG doesn’t get the starters back on the line and at RB next week is going to be ugly....BH lived in PNG backfield....the guys in there played very hard but you can tell that the starters are missed 
  7. Waller def had a big QB that went to TCU and played linebacker....maybe Barbers Hill did as well but I don’t remember that 
  8. To be many times has Barbers Hill beaten PNG before Roschon......
  9. It’s all over but the cryin
  10. Score Update....PNG Ipads 24.....Ant mound tattle tales 7
  11. PNG/rumors

    Honest question....has barbers hill Ever beat PNG....with or without Roschon?? I remember a lot of early playoff exits for Barbers Hill.....
  12. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    #codePurple #eatThatCrow #inYourOwnHouse
  13. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that no one in this district moves on past round 2 of the playoffs lol
  14. Don’t need to go back to 89.....PNG has had better teams under Faircloth than this 2017 team 
  15. Should Roschon Transfer?

    How so