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  1. Don’t need to go back to 89.....PNG has had better teams under Faircloth than this 2017 team 
  2. Should Roschon Transfer?

    How so
  3. 59-26 College Station
  4. Hate to see area kids lose....bright side is Pak will be MIA and no one has to read his ignorant comments anymore lol
  5. PN-G vs College Station

    Anyone know if there’s any chance that the center is back this week? I don’t see us having any chance at all in a shootout if every ball is snapped slow and low Saturday 
  6. PN-G vs College Station

    Pretty much same offense they had last year I believe but they beat us with their starting QB out last year....he’s back this year
  7. Is PAM overrated?

    “The PNG game was a fluke”....”we were beating Katy til Gorrer got hurt”.....”we were banged up against Temple”....and those are only the excuses on this particular thread’s a bad look 
  8. Is PAM overrated?

    The sheer number of excuses from Pakronos is laughable....grown man making excuses like a little kid...geez smh...”PNG game was a fluke”.....”we were killing Katy til Gorrer got hurt”.....”we were banged up against Temple”.....geez 
  9. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    I don’t see PNG beating anyone with a dynamic offense....Faircloth can’t win a shootout.....if it comes down to matching someone score for score his play calling and time management with ultimately be PNG downfall 
  10. Great game and gameplan Nederland.....Faircloth sh$& the bed again...not surprised 
  11. Mid County Madness predictions

    If any Ned fans are looking for excuses for the upcoming loss Pakronos has a plethora of them I’m sure he’d be willing to share 
  12. Put in the back ups and they score 
  13. I don’t know what’s worse...this thread....or central’s no fly zone lol