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  1. Lumberton beat PNG

    It was 2008 and Lumberton won 17-10
  3. Ahh my old team driving around the lake to play WS...Go Eagles
  4. Do y'all think WOS going to 4peat in 2018

    One thing I have learned is that with the Stangs anything (and i mean anything) is possible. Go Stangs good luck!!
  5. You get much more than just the state game you get many of the 1970's playoff games
  6. Any more news on the UIL and ATT Stadium?

    Every year its the same crap Cowboys fans get on here and say it Dallas or bust. I'd rather go back to picking where your own team plays. That way the DFW area does not get a backyard home game every year for the state championship. If not then rotate it between the big three and give each area of the state an opportunity the play a little closer to home. 
  7. Big Congrats to PAM a well-deserved win and Championship for a city who took a shot in the mouth during the Hurricane. Hats off to the kids and coaches. Making SETX proud!!!!! Sorry been in Disney all week just now having to give you guys your props!!!!
  8. I love to see SETX on the map... Congrats Silsbee and PAM. What a showing.
  9. Prayers for H-J community

    Praying for this young man's family and his home community. From down in Port Neches.
  10. **Urgent prayer request in Woodville**

    Prayers from Port Neches.
  11. 2017-18 Willie Ray Smith Award Winners

    Congrats to both of you
  12. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    Its at PNG
  13. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    We have a little over 8500 seats on our home side which does give us a luxury at our non mid-county madness/ playoff-deciding games. There is never and will never be enough tickets for MCM no matter were its played. But say we are playing PAM or a Vidor and its to make the playoffs or win the DC we will sell out
  14. Former Mustang (WOS)

    Reading your post was very touching. Thank you for posting it. From a PN-G fan
  15. Crosby's 2018 schedule