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  1. Butch to be renamed...

     Live in Port Neches so obviously I do not have any input. I say let the kids decide.
  2. My 2018 SETXsports District picks

    I agree I think they are hands down the team to beat. I guess my comment is more to the fact that Silsbee closed the gap this season.
  3. My 2018 SETXsports District picks

    While I would not pick against WOS because they simply have been the best in the state in the last 4 years it's not unreasonable to pick with what Silsbee has in the barrel this season
  4. 7 more wins

    Wow, that is spectacular. WOS is one of the most amazing schools in the country. I am very proud to call them my neighbor. 
  5. Roschon Johnson and PNG Indians

    You nailed it brother you nailed it Hts off to you
  6. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    PNG is way more than RJ and a lineman. You are gonna see real quick. I expect nothing else from you though. I guess in your eyes I should consider it a honor for PNG to make it to 4th. 
  7. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    PNG has some things to work on but they have some very special kids this season in about 5 or 6 positions look for them to make some noise
  8. Who are SETX's best returning running backs?

    I have a buddy who is tied in well at UT and I can assure you they want Garth very badly. 
  9. Who are SETX's best returning running backs?

    I could not imagine having two former Indians playing together there. It would be amazing
  10. Who are SETX's best returning running backs?

    Your brother playing behind the fully developed line this season and a healthy Deslatte will be very very tough to stop. Wuenschel and one of the other receivers are very very fast as well/
  11. Who are SETX's best returning running backs?

    I have said it several times PNG's line has the makings of something special. If they fully mature hope you are a team at the beginning of the season before these kiddos get it together. Three guys close to 300 lbs and not just big guys but good athletes as well  
  12. Who are SETX's best returning running backs?

    I believe he will get it if he stays healthy. 
  13. I have really grown to like Coach Riordan after following him on Twitter. He is a stand-up man and coach. Hats off to him and his staff. Good men help lead kids down the right pathways in life. Coach Faircloth and Coach Riordan are great friends and also very similar men in the way they work in their communities. I really appreciate all of the men and women out there who give up part of their life to the support of their communities. Keep working hard. Its appreciated by the kids whose lives are affected by the labor.
  14. Thank you Griff my friend for saying what I was not.