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  1. LCM gets a new video board

    Matt Burnett's specialty is defense. He will be a great addition to Kendrick and the others on defense. 
  2. AP Preseason Poll

    Right off the bat
  3. DCTF 22-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    I know Big Sergio is supposed to be back anchoring the middle of the defense. Bost is looking awesome I hear at his new position
  4. DCTF 22-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    I am not sure how to answer that. I have not seen us practice yet or have I talked to anyone who has seen them practice yet. Like I posted before I got some sort of resp cold and could not shake it for over a week. I am feeling better now and should be able to see for myself soon
  5. AP Preseason Poll

    Man the season is almost upon us
  6. DCTF 22-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    Let me clarify...  Of course, the defense has its part in it. They played a masterful game last season. I did not mean last seasons' game only. I was referring to the PNG Vidor matchup as a whole between FC and Matthews. Overall matchup if you will. 
  7. DCTF 22-5A Predictions - Do you agree?

    PNG has been fairly successful at beating Vidor. I believe that it lies in the offense, not the defense of PNG.
  8. PN-G Indians

    Anyone have any practice news out of PN-G? I have been sick and unable to attend?
  9. Lumberton Football

  10. Taking the year off, sort of...

    Maybe you can just enjoy the games now
  11. Roschon Johnson commits to The University of Texas

    Roschon is a model student with great grades and a positive Christian attitude. He will go far in this world with or without football. I hope to see him on Sundays one day down he road. WIth his growth this summer, he is close to that of the size of a college QB one listing has him at 6'3" but that is unconfirmed...
  12. Roschon Johnson commits to The University of Texas

    I cannot speak to my on because I have been sick and unable to attend practice but one area of concern for PNG and even happiness by some on here is the o line. According to coach Faircloth and he doesn't pass out strong praise a lot the O line is looking great. If they are a good unit giving protection and running lanes Hughes and Roschon are both very fast. For a rare season, PNG will be fast on offense. The will have the speed to spare. I also heard the front 7 on defense looked pretty darn good as well.I am not making any predictions this early but do believe that PAM and PNG as wells as my surprise pick Central will be looking to be in the DC hunt. Question mark in this as well is Nederland. A lot of kids with playing time last season is back.