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  1. Huntsville 14 Lamar Consolidated 7/FINAL

    I like PN-G playing salty teams in the preseason. You may take it on the chin or you might Crosby them like in the Manvel game catapulting you to the top of the pile. One thing for sure is it gets you ready for the playoffs. 
  2. Huntsville 14 Lamar Consolidated 7/FINAL

    Is it in left field to say the PN-G loss to Huntsville with Roschon out for a half and two defensive starters out is not as bad of a loss as it first appeared?
  3. 10/18 Sub Varsity Scores

    PN-G won 30-7
  4. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Week 8

    1.    Beaumont West Brook 2.   New Caney 3.   Port Arthur Memorial 4.   Nederland 5.   Crosby 6.   Port Neches-Groves 7.   Vidor 8.   Huffman Hargrave 9.   Lumberton 10. Splendora 11.  Jasper 12.  Silsbee 13.  Liberty 14.  East Chambers 15.  Orangefield 16.  Buna 17.  Woodville 18.  Corrigan-Camden 19.  Newton 20.  Hull Daisetta 21.  West Sabine 22.  Lovelady 23.  West Hardin 24.  Beaumont Kelly Catholic 25.  Beaumont Legacy Christian
  5. Dayton Food Recs ?

    Thanks Purple brothers
  6. PNG@Dayton

    Oh heck lets get it started.    
  7. PNG@Dayton

    I am confused what does that mean tired of Cherokee? That does not register in my mind?? LOL
  8. PNG@Dayton

    Folks Dayton will be back just like we here at PNG there are lean times that come around. Then one day your sitting at home a buddy calls and says hey man have you heard about the 8 th grader on the football team? You say no. He says man they have been smoking everyone all year. This one kid is a super stud. Next thing there is excitement in the community. A couple of years later you smoke through district and a nice run of playoff runs roll through. Dayton I promise you the DNA is there it will come back around and I predict not far down the road. Hold your heads up and lean on a stellar 20 years run that not to many could match up to. Good luck my purple brothers and sisters 
  9. PNG@Dayton

    Oh how soon we all forget.

    Here are my thoughts. Crosby is a great school district who is obviously going through some tough times right now. I think as a district mate of Crosby that I would like to offer up my thoughts and prayers for all of the affected, and all of the kids in the district. I would even consider buying something from the fundraising to help in whatever small way that I could. Remember THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO THE KIDDOS of the district. They deserve better than whatever has hit the school. I hope and pray that the situation is fixed in the near future and also hope for the best for the departing coaches and teachers.  Your fellow district mate and a PN-G Indian. 
  11. THE GAME OF THE WEEK!! #1 vs. #2

    Well I do not know a terrible lot about these two teams but anytime 1 plays a two it’s usually a great game. 
  12. Week 8 DCTF State Rankings

    Two in one district that is awesome The last time the Indians were fortunate enough to make it to State we had three top ten teams at one point in district 
  13. Week 8 DCTF State Rankings

    How bout the Dogs in the top 10 Awesoem 
  14. PNG@Dayton

    Dayton is our Purple brothers and sisters. I hate seeing them down. They will be back one day.