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  1. I’ll try to this weekend 
  2. West Orange-Stark 14 Salado 0/FINAL

    Go Mustangs let see you win state again
  3. YOU SHOUld never Bet against him he is one of the Indians very very best ever
  4. In our time yessir those are some good ones 
  5. Gholke is on the Hall of Honor for a reason 
  6. My favorite game was probably the 1999 Lamarque game mainly because they were huge underdogs against Lamarque and Freaking Golhke lit them up from the safety position they were so scared to attempt a catch across the middle he single handedly effected that game he crushed that one wr never before have I seen a single hit so much change the outcome of a game but he did it 
  7. HOw about this one Stat?? Best single games you have ever seen say top 5 or ten played by our Indians    that 96 team was salty with a down right dirty offensive line cappadonna was a true speedster no doubt like I mentioned before I have the bridge city game from 96 on dvd
  8. I was a senior when the 92 team was playing they were very physical. The battle between PNG and WOS was a classic when we stopped the 2 point conversion on the end zone by recovering a fumble. Man what a game. Wished I would have moved back to PNG sooner sonIncould have played 
  9. THE Indianan last All American 
  10. For all of you 89er's her is the highlight reel   This was a quarterfinals team    
  11. If you have not seen the 1989 team the running game was a beast. Who could forget the secondary on that team was really good lead by Bost and the speedster Droddy
  12. Some 1999 PN-G vs Lamarque perhaps one of PN-G's greatest performances as an underdog at least in my time. I have the 1999 PN-G Shertz Clemons game. The 1999 State Championship game. I have the 1996 PN-G vs Bridge City game featuring Capadona as well. 
  13. We can look back even furthur I have some 1975 State Championship clips at home as well
  14. Since we are on the 9's here is a clip of 2009 this will give you a shot at 1989, 1999, 2009