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  1. Garth has decided to play for the University of Texas Longhorns with Roschon Johnson. He verbally committed this morning. 
  2. Congratulations Coach Wade Phillips

    The Rams were there because they deserved to be. Time and time again we have seen NFL teams with great running games and a defense to back it up go to the Super Bowl. If we are being honest its the Saints who were out of their league. You cannot predicate a game on a single play it takes the whole game to even get to that point. Rams won and had their chance in the bowl. Wade's defense held the Pats to 13 points he did his job. An offense with an injured Gurley not so much. they deserved to be there they had the SB caliber team.
  3. So ready

    Who will be throwing for PNG this season
  4. Once again Coach Wade Phillips has coached his way to another Super Bowl. His defense's have been stellar through the years and he just keeps on going. Wade your father would be so proud of you. Bring home that trophy in two weeks. Always be faithful to the Purple and White. A lot of Indians and SETX supporting you!!!!

    Hmm this is the football forum soooo....
  6. Under Armour Game

    I understand your detest of all things PN-G but grow up. 
  7. Under Armour Game

    Funny he is a QB at UT. Hmm
  8. Idea for a high school football podcast

    I like the idea after all the holiday stuff is finished up and vacation is over we can meet up over lunch and have a discussion over it
  9. I was out of the loop last season and wonder what our area has returning this upcoming season?
  10. Idea for a high school football podcast

    I would actually consider being a part of this is some way or another.
  11. Idea for a high school football podcast

    Not sure if it is your examples but I love it

    We will still be here
  13. Kary Vincent Sr. has passed

    Prayers for this family. FRom Port Neches
  14. The Indians actually had a fairly young team in 2018. Now the concept will be different, but I expect the Indians to be right in the thick of the DC conversation next season. Deslatte and Dae Dae Conners will be a very formidable backfield. What will aid that is the Indians entire offensive line will be back with star lineman Jaylen Garth returning for his senior season. All 5 linemen are 250+. Young outstanding QB Blake Bost will be the leader of the offense and any of you who follow sub-varsity sports in our district no of his talents. This kid is legit. His passing accuracy is very high. Several WR is back as well. The defense will be anchored by Pattinson #90 and a couple of other returners and most of the linebackers will be back or played some this year. The Indians should start off the season strong and be very competitive by playoffs next season.