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  1. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    Yes I thought about that as well. Its a tough situation, but looks like you have a decent formula 
  2. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    So you would just go with who could beat who then? I guess that is the most straightforward way of doing it.  Could not argue with that. Now could you work it out were a team like Newton who has a great chance to go undefeated all the way to a state title would be able to rise above schools who are way bigger and would kill Newton on the field of play but will be bounced in the first or second round of the playoffs? That's where it gets hard for me. 
  3. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    You are correct, but how do you quantify that into a ranking and be fair to the other smaller schools. Like there is a chance for Newton to win out all the way to state this year, yet WB or PAM will not. Newton is truly in a class all their own with the exception of WOS in our area this season. 
  4. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    Its hard work doing these rankings especially when you are trying to figure out across classifications. Dividing it into a couple of groups help some. It's hard to compare say High Island and Beaumont Westbrook. You will always tend to lean towards the bigger school. You will also always hear the argument that West Brook would kill say a Newton because of the size difference and most cannot see past that to develop a formula that is fair across the board. There is almost always one exception in our area and that is WOS. They are almost always at the top and rightfully so. I get how hard this is and respect what you are doing. Keep up the good yet very hard work ......
  5. PNG Defense Needs Help

    I remember I believe it was Moses Molones grandson was a receiver on Brazosport and was close to 7 feet tall. He was good and was involved in the hook and ladder play. They tried late in the game. My favorite was Lamarque game it was my favorite PNG game if all time I watch it every once in a while it was a David vs Goliath game on the medias eyes 
  6. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    This game is usually close through the first half keep that in mind 
  7. Livingston vs PAM

    PAM will be mad and take it out on Livingston. Sometimes the right loss  in the right place will catapult a team to new heights as it did for PNG in 1999 after the loss to WOS there was something different about the Indians they slayed some mighty good football teams after that loss. They were good but after WOS beat them they were mad and good. PAM losing to PNG could be a turning point in their season sending them into the playoffs mad and ready to take out everyone 
  8. PNG Defense Needs Help

    Remember early in the season we played Kelly and won a tight game 14-10 to start the year that lead me to believe we were not going to be as good as I thought then we started rolling. Then we played Silsbee in the first round  and squeezed by them 17-10 at Port Arthur stadium. After that I figured we would beat Waller then loose to Brazosport who was 12-0 when we finically met them. Little did I know we were just getting started man what a year
  9. Can we go one game without.....

    But only in the case of a PAM loss not when they win 
  10. PNG Defense Needs Help

    I personally hate being ranked it's nothing but a target. The kids love it but I do not 
  11. PNG Defense Needs Help

    Was fun times I was at every game in 1999 did not miss a one it was a hell of a ride especially that night in college station after we won the place was crazy it was electric 
  12. Home-field advantage

    Bring it on 
  13. PNG Defense Needs Help

    My posts was in response to how the AP works 
  14. AAW, now that you've seen them both....

    Man you are eat up with hate after the loss. I'll help you with some math Texas qb will be a senior after Roschon red shirts that put Roschon as a sophomore when he graduates. Hope that helps your begrudging. Your team got beat so whT move on. Know one on here is buying your negativity towards Mid County schools and a particularly really good kid from PNG who happened to be good enough to get scholarship offers. From nearly every major 5 conference school on the nation. That's don't happen for average qb's 
  15. PNG Defense Needs Help

    The Indians beat a good top 25 team and fall in the rankings