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  1. **Urgent prayer request in Woodville**

    Prayers from Port Neches.
  2. 2017-18 Willie Ray Smith Award Winners

    Congrats to both of you
  3. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    Its at PNG
  4. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    We have a little over 8500 seats on our home side which does give us a luxury at our non mid-county madness/ playoff-deciding games. There is never and will never be enough tickets for MCM no matter were its played. But say we are playing PAM or a Vidor and its to make the playoffs or win the DC we will sell out
  5. Former Mustang (WOS)

    Reading your post was very touching. Thank you for posting it. From a PN-G fan
  6. Crosby's 2018 schedule
  7. Texas top 100 list.

    The 409 the 409
  8. Willie Ray Smith Award Finalists

  9. Golden Triangle Running scared from Newton

    These comments are the worst. 
  10. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    Yes considering Roschon will redshirt his first season it would not be unreasonable to believe he would not even be looked at until year 2. Three seasons from now. 
  11. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    Rj will  be next season then we will have a pretty good Southpaw for 2 seasons after that. 
  12. I'm coming on like a hurricane....  in the immortal words of AC/DC
  13. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    You will be proven wrong my dear friend. 
  14. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    I told you all the other day its people like some on here just starting crap. That's it. The plan has been in place for him to be an early graduate. Now that that rumor is dead we will see the other rumor die FOX when he is the QB at UT. I know you hate it but it is what it is. Just to show you how bad of a rumor it was ....... The first day I read it   it was literally about 1 minute for me to look it up my self and see it was all a lie. People just hating thats it.
  15. Who will be the QB for PN-G next year?

    This is definitely a rumor. I am out on this now