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  1. We still have 2.   One of the top D ends in the nation and Gulley will get offers.  
  2. Lots of Talent coming up.  Just need the right OC.  There flirting with a good one. Just hope we can make it happen $
  3. Jasper 2019

    Scat Right and Scat left.....Scat trap 
  4. Newton AD / Head Coach open

    Told me the same thing when he came over....But Money talks lol
  5. Newton AD / Head Coach open

    Most likely not.  Drew Johnston is the best fit for the Job.  
  6. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    You better do your research 
  7. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    He’ll be back but I’m not sure Gunter will make it to the dance.  I think Clifton knocks them out in semis 
  8. Like a sack of potatoes.  They rely on a stable of backs with a lot of miss direction plays.  They don’t fare well against a good disciplined defense. 
  9. Newton 65 Hemphill 21/FINAL

    Gilmer was and is the best passing team we seen all year.  
  10. Newton 65 Hemphill 21/FINAL

    I think that’s what everyone is wondering 
  11. Good point.   We dressing out 40
  12. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    He’s fine.  Just getting treatment 
  13. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Newton is 4 time.  74’ 98’ 05’ 17’
  14. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    You are correct.  It’s a culture there and like he said if y’all are happy with a 6 - 5 season and that’s not the place for me.  That’s why he left 
  15. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Y’all had WT and let him slip away