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  1. Congrats Hitchcock. What does EC look like next year? Any dig losses to graduation?
  2. What happened? Spring football season already begin?
  3. Silsbee v EC ?

    Fair enough. Silsbee this year would be a test but 10 years or less down road the worm will turn...maybe. Heck H-F could be a powerhouse.
  4. Silsbee v EC ?

    Why? Winnie is growing like crazy. Halfway between Baytown/ Houston and Bmt/ PA. 4A before you know it.
  5. Silsbee v EC ?

    Silsbee will become our old Kountze. Just stirring it up.
  6. Silsbee v EC ?

    Right again. EC will match up very well. It won’t be long before they they’ll be in the same district anyway.
  7. Silsbee v EC ?

    Complicated. Win or lose I would attend. It wouldn’t mean anything anyway.
  8. Silsbee v EC ?

    As they pass by.
  9. Silsbee v EC ?

    Well that explains it. Learn new things all the time. Hopefully they meet passing at the ADome.
  10. Silsbee v EC ?

    Drove down and to SA to catch Silsbee in Dec. Wagner owned them. I’m not saying EC is in Wagner’s class. I’m saying they can be beat by a well coached, high pressure athletic team. EC is still young so there’s that.
  11. Silsbee v EC ?

    Right. Small 4A v Large 3A. Slight advantage to Silsbee. 5 pt game either way.
  12. Would be a great match up Sat night. At EC of course. I’ll even fly in to Winnie Intercontinental... if it’s not foggy, raining, etc.
  13. Good for SP.  Didn’t understand why they scheduled some un-winnable games before district but it payed off. Good job.
  14. May meet again is Kountze...