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  1. Ww’re Cool. Just a misunderstanding.
  2. I took offense that ‘physical’ meant ‘injury.’ Sorry

  3. Talking about a physical v. Something other than that. No reference to injuries, idiot.
  4. Not to lower your enthusiasm..was at the Regional last year and a bad night can hurt bad. EC should have...
  5. Meaningless...EC could roll out their JH team and beat Hardin....
  6. And how did it work out for mighty Hardin tonight?  Oh yeah, they stink...forgot.
  7. Well Liberty is better than Hardin...Barely....I think EC beat them by 50 also.
  8. 525k...just did my taxes. I’ll bring in the lawers if you like. Suspect if your living in Hardin you don’t have many options . Let me know...100k...
  9. Shiny object. This guy is from ‘leaveasmell’, sorry Evadale...
  10. You stay in Hardin long enough, shining objects will be your hero...
  11. And why would I be bitter? Stolen game in a jr high gym. All books said that EC had the win.