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  1. MLB Draft

    Should have stayed at Texas.
  2. Which is why Im surprised they are happy with this pick when he's alot like Dubois. Nothing against Allen I hope he does well and Im happy for him just dont see whats different.
  3. Will play Jasper/Trakington winner.
  4. Last time BC made the regional finals was 2007 lost to jasper.
  5. If I was Dan I would steer clear of that mess there in BC. 
  6. Well it definitely would be nice then for someone to enlighten us on why they had such a problem with coach Dubois. 

    Good for Coach Dubois. Big time Bridge City is never happy.
  8. Bridge City V.S Stafford

    Now someone with some sense. 
  9. WOS vs Bellville

    60-0 WO-S 
  10. Bridge City 39 Bay City 19/FINAL

    Upset? I don't think it would be an upset if BC were to beat Stafford. 
  11. Bridge City 39 Bay City 19/FINAL

    Draper looks good so far keep it up cardso.  
  12. Bridge City vs Bay City 2nd Round

    Who will be the home team?