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  1. congrats to this young man and his family!!!! I love to see good things happen to good people.

    Has Joubert even applied for this job? what would be the benefit of him leaving what he has established a s a very successfully program(basketball) in kountze. 

    from my understanding Hj has typically been a school with tons of talent that never plays football. Not sure if the coaches have problems sharing students athletes or if the students just buy into the idea that basketball is king at Hj. That program needs a coach who will make the program appealing to the kids. But if its true that the district is not doing the best to make the program all it could be then I understand why Sloan left and also why it will be hard to get a good replacement. How much talent does HJ have returning? this could be a big selling point

    in situations like this, the district needs to hire fast to give the new coach and his staff enough time to implement their system. This could be a good opportunity for some good young coaches to get their opportunity. Wish the Hawks the best of luck!!!
  5. qualified. Excuse the typo lol.
  6. How did I know this was going to be a big part of this discussion. From looking at his resume He is very quallified with working with black athletes. Grambling state and Prairie View should have him prepared for Memorial. If he is qualified in x and o's then its a good hire. Good Luck PA
  7. This could be good for United as well as Beaumont.  Look at png nederland, vidor , pa  football little leagues. and hJ and silsbee little dribbler basketball programs. Programs that tend to do very well year in and year out have excellent little league programs with high school coaches working hand in hand to develop kids. Question is will the bulldogs become a feeder pattern of west brook. 
  8. Silsbee will beat this Yates team by 15+ points. they have the guards to withstand the full court pressure. Yates allowed Hj great looks at the 3pt shot but uncharacteristically hj did not hit as many as they normally do. with a team like Yates you have to hit open shots. Their game plan is to get the long rebound and score in transition. Bush and Adams will not miss that many open attempts. 
  9. I was very surprised to see Hj loose this game especially after that horrible loss to Jasper. Ive seen them play a few more times than normally this year. In every game I have seen he has easily been the best/most consistent player on the court. Teams that have done well against H-J focus on keeping the ball out of his hands.
  10. Coach Joubert has always done an excellent job with whatever caliber players he has. He finds a way of putting a good product on the court each night. with out Edwards i was shocked to see a Hj loss. But games like this are always a toss up. When two head coaches come from the same successful program, their schemes will be similar.It always will come down to in game adjustments and the amount of mistakes the kids make.  Good solid win for Kountze, but this loss is not the end of the world for Hj they have a solid team.
  11. is Murry deciding to play? if so he would be a big help. who are the other two?
  12. The one exiting is sure going to be missed greatly. Hopefully the next one will do just as good!
  13. Bush and Jones

    Legacy did very well this year also. but if bush and Jones would have stayed Im sure they would have won a state championship just like the girls! They give Silsbee a different composure. both play score at will and play excellent defense Good luck tigers. Continue to make SETX proud
  14. PNG Colors

    This may have something to do with uil uniform guidelines. A few years back i can remember uil banning high schools from purchasing black uniforms if black was not one of there primary colors. The purpose I will never know!!! this is why you see so many teams wearing the stealth grey. it gave them an alternate uniform that wasn't black. maybe Uil has new restrictions on those colors as well. Back when I played uniforms were no as fancy as they are now but I have always believed if you look good you play good. I think coaches should be able to design their uniforms how ever they choose
  15. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    so will HJ...hopefully this one will be a good one!