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  1. Coach Joubert has always done an excellent job with whatever caliber players he has. He finds a way of putting a good product on the court each night. with out Edwards i was shocked to see a Hj loss. But games like this are always a toss up. When two head coaches come from the same successful program, their schemes will be similar.It always will come down to in game adjustments and the amount of mistakes the kids make.  Good solid win for Kountze, but this loss is not the end of the world for Hj they have a solid team.
  2. is Murry deciding to play? if so he would be a big help. who are the other two?
  3. The one exiting is sure going to be missed greatly. Hopefully the next one will do just as good!
  4. Bush and Jones

    Legacy did very well this year also. but if bush and Jones would have stayed Im sure they would have won a state championship just like the girls! They give Silsbee a different composure. both play score at will and play excellent defense Good luck tigers. Continue to make SETX proud
  5. PNG Colors

    This may have something to do with uil uniform guidelines. A few years back i can remember uil banning high schools from purchasing black uniforms if black was not one of there primary colors. The purpose I will never know!!! this is why you see so many teams wearing the stealth grey. it gave them an alternate uniform that wasn't black. maybe Uil has new restrictions on those colors as well. Back when I played uniforms were no as fancy as they are now but I have always believed if you look good you play good. I think coaches should be able to design their uniforms how ever they choose
  6. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    so will HJ...hopefully this one will be a good one!
  7. ☆#1 Silsbee vs HJ☆

    Rocky Balboa vs. Drago or more familiar David vs. Goliath. Great win by H J  last night they had to overcome a bit of adversity but I was happy to see them gut it out and get a win. Mr. Sneed played lights out all night. this one is going to be an intense and tough game but if there is a will there is a way. Roll the balls out and lets play!  Just a few opinionated points. If the hawks want to win this one they have to eliminate turnovers. these extra possession were almost deadly against Booker T.   Booker T.  turned those possession into lay ups that gave them  a lead. the tigers will shoot 3's. H-J cannot continue passing up shot opportunities. The court gets very small when you look for only two or three guys to score.  Its going to be tough enough to deal with Silsbee speed and length. when H-J has an opportunity to score they have to take it! the games I have been most impressed with the hawks is when EVERYBODY that steps on the floor contributes. Friday cant come quick enough!!!!
  8. I agree it is a shame that Silsbee doesn't get the local coverage they deserve but if you ask me all of the news stations are a little inconsistent with their coverage. as far as the HJ silsbee match up I hope that's how the story actually goes HJ on fire and silsbee Luke warm ( Hj better focus on Booker T first though)
  9. Foreman a finalist for a head coaching job

    Any man/person with a family should always do whatever it takes to successfully take care of their family! a 20thousand dollar pay raise is not easy to pass up. He may have been applying to those other place to show and prove his worth as a head football coach. It would be interesting to know if BMT ever offered more money to keep him there.
  10. roll the ball out and let them play!  It sure as heck wouldn't be an easy on for the Hawks but I guarantee they will be very prepared  and confident to play. both teams better not focus too much on this game too quick. Get out of round one then focus on each other. I wish this game could still be the regional championship! great atmosphere and it would mean much more basketball played from both teams! good luck to both Make setx proud
  11. For everyone on here that is upset with this punishment put the shoe on the other foot! if that was your child then the punishment wouldn't be harsh enough. Im sure Devon is very apologetic for his actions and I respect him for giving his public apology but at some point kids have to realize that athletics are not mandatory but simply a reward for being a good student and a person of god character.  Hopefully he understands the magnitude and severity of his actions. Its better to understand that every action has a consequence now.
  12. Dove I was worried as well but Im glad to hear they were not fully loaded last night. hope all players are suited up Tuesday and for the playoffs. gonna need em!
  13. This is a very disturbing situation to me. I hate to see young men put themselves in compromising situations. Silsbee  has  has been the trademark for setx basketball the past few seasons, a team full of players that have become household names across the community.  they all have to know teams that have no chance of winning are going to do everything in their power to ruin their season. and further more their individual chances of moving on to play on the next level.