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  1. East Chambers 108 Anahuac 34/FINAL

    EC is 7-0 thru the first half of district play. Averaging 95 points per game in district. When EC is making 3’s they are hard to stop. All 5 games they have scored over 100 this year they have made 10+ 3’s
  2. EC starters played 12 minutes and only 3.5 minutes in the second half. Every player played at least 8 minutes and every player scored except 1. Starters have to get some game time every game to stay in shape. I would prefer 15 minutes at least. Kountze is very young and fouled a lot. Also continued to guard full court and get beat on one pass until the 4th quarter when EC was told not to shoot inside the 3 point line. 
  3. All of them except Kordell. One sub had 29 and another 11
  4. 103- 34 after 3. Starters played a little over a minute in the quarter. 
  5. 76-25 at the half 
  6. 71-21. 2:16 left in the half