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  1. Pineywoods vs. Sabine Pass; Tuesday, February 20th @ 6:30pm in Colmesneil 
  2. Pineywoods @ Brookeland is moved to Monday. 
  3. Pineywoods 129 Colmesneil 45 Final 
  4. Pineywoods 62 Broaddus 48 Final
  5. I know y'all got it bad last alignment. Looks like some better school-night drives in your new district.
  6. Now this is something we definitely both can agree on.
  7. You're definitely right. We will have to agree to disagree... Especially if you believe that winning "all season" is the only way an athlete can develop confidence in themselves and coaching staff.... 
  8. True, but hasn't their coach been there for quite a long period of time?  He has definitely created and winning atmosphere and tradition that is conducive for homegrown talent and abilities.
  9. I can respect that. But I would venture to guess that a battle-tested team; one that is challenged most game nights with having to make adjustments and having to work outside of their comfort zones will stand a better chance in big/meaningful games more often than those who coast through an easy district/non-district schedule. And as far as Big Sandy goes, I'd say, the coach and the system in place is why they are successful. I don't know a lot about Silsbee but I assume it's similar there.  There is always going to be exceptions...
  10. It's not a real good example if you are just using a school that is down right now. I feel that what is being discussed here is how to take a good or very good contender and make them a Championship caliber team.  I do agree with some of what you say. However, when you live out in the rural corners of East Texas, scheduling a more difficult non-district schedule will prepare you for when you have to face those more urban area teams that have to fight night in and night out. 
  11. I really think it comes down to what a coach is trying to do with their team. If a team has a super weak district, but wants to make a deep playoff run, it may be in their favor to challenge themselves early in the year. It does no one any good to go 10-0 with an average win of 40+. Teams can become very complacent when the 4th quarter doesn't have any meaning for 7-10 games straight. That being said, I think there is a fine line when it comes to scheduling a tough non-district schedule and balancing a team with high quality starters and a short bench. Fatigue and frustration are real. 
  12. Pineywoods 91 West Sabine 53 final 
  13. Pineywoods 81 Brookeland 32 Final 
  14. Pineywoods 113 Colmesneil 50 final