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  1. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Being available and actually getting in are 2 completely different situations.  Being available is the name being put on the line up card in the substitute column, but getting in is name being put in the line up as a substitute. 
  2. Thanks, but I got the one you posed on twitter.

  3. 21-6A

    In the #3 scenario, Channelview would get in as they hold the point advantage. 
  4. STAAR testing this week will mess with playoff schedules. If your school is still testing on Thursday, by state law you can not play until Friday. Probably going to see a lot of Friday/Saturday games this week, unless school is done testing Wednesday.  Good luck to all still in.
  5. Countdown 2018 Season

    8 weeks from today!!!!!
  6. Countdown 2018 Season

    65 Days!
  7. Big Sandy's Coach Hooker

    Congrats Coach Hooker
  8. Always good to see locals chosen to play in this game. 2 local coaches as well. Coach T from Buna and Coach Williams from Evadale. Enjoy it fellas, something you will remember for a long time.
  9. No. Jasper has a good coach in Coach Westbrook
  10. Coach B is staying. So no all 3 coaches are not leaving
  11. West Orange Stark vs Orangefield

    That team went 5 rounds. Lost to Jasper in Regional finals. The team 2 years later went 3 rounds deep. 
  12. As long as there are no tests scheduled on Thursday, you can play. Some schools are testing Mon-Wed while most are testing Tues-Thurs.
  13. Post 4/18 Game Postponements Here!

    Kirbyville at Buna rescheduled for tomorrow at 4:30