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  1. WOS Baseball

    Who takes over now that Jones left?
  2. Silsbee # 23 cheap hit on Jasper QB

    Is that official or what you expect to happen?
  3. Silsbee 30 Jasper 23/FINAL

    That is ridiculous!  That was without a doubt targeting and the kid suffered a concussion because of it!  Silsbee should take action and suspend that kid!  If I'm not mistaken, that's the same kid who was flagged for the late hit earlier in the game.
  4. Silsbee 30 Jasper 23/FINAL

    Here you go... IMG_8917.3gp
  5. Where did Coach Davis go?
  6. Silsbee v Jasper Bi-District

    this isn't true either.  Jack is only person who didn't pitch against Jasper.  The people who pitched in the loses to Jasper were Bernard, Chad Dallas and Ragsdale..
  7. West Orange-Stark 1 Silsbee 0/FINAL

    District 21 still has a game left Friday. Diboll vs Shepherd and Jasper vs Huntington.  Hudson is the 1 seed, Huntington is the 2 seed.  Jasper and Diboll are tied for 3rd.  
  8. Ask MrUmp1 your rules question.

    Ok, so bases are loaded with 1 out in the bottom of the 7th inning of a 2-2 ballgame.  Deep fly ball is hit to right field for the second out, runner at 3rd tags and scores but runner at second doesn't tag and moves up to third.  Throw goes into second base to double the guy off for advancing without tagging up.  Your saying the run counts and the game is over?
  9. 24-4A Standings 4/24

    WOS swept HJ and would have split with LCM.  3-1 LCM would split with both.  2-2 HJ would have been sweet and split.  1-3
  10. 24-4A Standings 4/24

    I'm going off of last year where the same scenario happened.  All 3 end up 6-6, in the head to head situation WOS would be 3-1, LCM 2-2 and HJ would be 1-3.  LCM and HJ would play to get in and the winner would play WOS for the 3/4 seed.  That's how it happened last year with a 3 way tie.
  11. 24-4A Standings 4/24

    So it looks like BC, Silsbee and WOS are in.  The last spot comes down to LCM and HJ.
  12. Post flood related game changes.

    It's my understanding that the Supt from HJ cancelled this game even though it was at WOS.  Didn't want their buses on the roads.  Game is rescheduled for     Monday at WOS at 7:00
  13. WOS 6 Kountze 2   WOS 10 Ozen 0 Jack Dallas- 5 innings, 16 K's, 1 hit, 0 walks