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  1. Playoffs

    For me football more people exciting atmosphere. We usually go deep runs .
  2. Jasper 2019

    Yep runs just about same plays as Newton . I wonder why. We should be pretty good this year. We’ll have a running quarterback that should make us better plus same backs back from this past year
  3. Colmesneil won 11 to 1
  4. Jasper has a great chance to win region 3 IF they stay healthy 
  5. Jasper needs a 1st scrimmage

    Jasper got chapel hill to scrimmage. We have to go there. That means we will not have a home scrimmage next season.
  6. Jasper needs a 1st scrimmage

    Looks like Newton looking for scrimmage also . Somebody didn’t want to scrimmage each other
  7. Jasper needs a 1st scrimmage

    After I slept on it last night I’d rather play Silsbee in playoffs.
  8. Jasper needs a 1st scrimmage

    Thought we scrimmage Newton first scrimmage. Silsbee sounds great to me.
  9. Jasper Invitational

    I was told Needville coach from PNG
  10. Jasper Invitational

  11. Jasper Invitational

    Jasper still playing Bridge City this morning at 9
  12. Anahuac Open?

    It must be Neece . Don’t think Barbey going anywhere til his son graduates next year. Then I think he’ll be looking for a head coaching job
  13. Jasper vs center

    Jasper 6 center 4
  14. Evadale Tournament

    Thanks for the schedule 
  15. Evadale Tournament

    What time is first game in the morning