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  1. Who are SETX's best returning running backs?

    Carl working out says he going to play I hope so so much talent 
  2. Who are SETX's best returning running backs?

    said same thing about wos but I think he is mellowing as he gets older . He can’t keep Silsbee out to long it’s a big money game
  3. Who are SETX's best returning running backs?

    Yep you right did wos same way a few years ago finally got them back on schedule maybe Silsbee be back on schedule next year
  4. Who are SETX's best returning running backs?

    Hunt from Jasper should be a top back this year but they moving him to quarterback that should be even better. We have a tough preseason schedule we will se where we stand after wos & Silsbee 
  5. I thought coach Westbrook messed up when he put a young man in pitching that hadn’t pitched much all year if left fielder wouldn’t have made running catch and run into wall we would have lost that second game . Then in third game he brought 1st basemen in that hadn’t pitched hardly any all year putting lots of pressure on that young man. Got 2 men on before he brought Jeassone in to shut things down . Don’t get me wrong I love him as our coach but lthink coaches just think to much & out coach  themselves .
  6. Jasper new video score board

    New score board for baseball helped baseball team they been playing great. It’s got to help football team don’t you think .
  7. Jasper new vidio score board was approved at school board meeting last night. It’s 15 feet high & 35 feet long . It will sit on top of score board that’s already there.
  8. Regional Quarterfinal Matchups

    Bc didn’t want any home games last time Jasper played them there Jasper hit 4 or 5 home runs
  9. Lufkin Hudson vrs Liberty game 2

    I don’t know the scores but Hudson came back & won 2nd & 3rd games
  10. Diboll 11 huntington 10 that makes Huntington 4 th place team
  11. Jasper girls yaw keep your heads up heck of a game . Yaw played yaws hearts out & left it all on the field . Great run !
  12. Lufkin Hudson 3 at Jasper 7/Final

    Jasper 7 Hudson 3 final
  13. Jasper 6 Diboll 1 final
  14. Jasper vers wos

    Jasper 18 West Orange 0 in 5