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  1. Colmesneil 42 KIPP Houston 0/FINAL

    Half 29 to O Comesneil: proud grand paw granddaughter got home coming queen
  2. Jasper freshman 34 Livingston 6 .  Jasper JV 36 Livingston 0
  3. Livingston @ Jasper

    Like all other Jasper people on here I think we need to work on passing . We got west Orange coming up and if they stack the box and you know they will and we can’t pass we be screwed 
  4. They probably don’t want to tear their field up. Tear them up now be tore up all season 
  5. Jasper & LCM game moved to Jasper 7:30 Friday 
  6. Jasper @ LCM

    Game has been moved to Jasper 7:30 Friday 
  7. Jasper @ LCM

    All this rain wish they would move game to Jasper 
  8. Bridge City freshman 30 Jasper freshman 28 . Jasper JV 30 Bridge City JV 0
  9. Jasper vs. Bridge City

    I don’t think Barbay will run the score up but I think score will be pretty bad . Jasper will be playing lots of subs third quarter
  10. Man!! There’s Tiger poop scattered from Newton to McDonalds in Jasper 
  11. Sub Varsity Scores

    Jasper jv 14 Lumberton jv 14
  12. Sub Varsity Scores

    Jasper freshman 38 Lumberton freshman 16
  13. Jasper at Lumberton

    Lumberton always gives Jasper trouble because of passing. I don’t think they can run on Jasper because we held Newton down with just 3 scores with their running attack. I’m taking Jasper by 2 to 3 scores
  14. Jasper at Lumberton

    I really don’t think it’s scared part but feelings maybe.Hope we play yaw in playoffs 
  15. Theirs a lot of talk about Silsbee & wos on here but not about Jasper but Silsbee & wos got to go through Jasper if they go very far in the playoffs. Jasper is very young this year made up of mostly juniors & sophomores but talent is there . Think they take their lumps early but going to be a lot better team in playoffs. What yaw think about Jasper & Lumberton.