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  1. Huntington baseball

    No practice yet still investigating. Maybe it won’t be to much longer
  2. Huntington baseball

    Lufkin paper said hazing,bulling initiations come on now if this crap is true witch it may not be I guess we will find out soon
  3. Scrimmage Thread

    Jasper,Bridge City,Vidor @ Jasper @ 4 innings apiece 
  4. Jasper next year

    Naw I would like to see them use tall soph on defense. JV quarterback is a dual threat . He can run & throw .im thinking they lost one game . Don’t remember who JV lost too 
  5. Jasper next year

    I hope it’s jv quarterback 
  6. Jasper next year

    You don’t have to win but one game in this district to make the playoffs. If we don’t make the finals it will be a disappointing year
  7. Jasper next year

    We going to have 22 juniors 5 sophomores, and 1 freshman that had lots of playing time on varsity plus jv 
  8. Jasper next year

    This should be the year for Jasper. We’ll have 9 offense & 9 defense starters coming back next year. All skill players except quarterback plus strong jv . If they put in the work this summer we should be pretty good. 
  9. Wos and Carthage

    Better not forget Jasper because their only losing 3 or 4 starters . Next year should be our year.
  10. Don’t matter if you win by 1 or 100 as long as you win Newton moves on. Congratulations eagles
  11. Yaw will have a chance just very little chance 
  12. Man! Yaw Shure doing lots of smack talking if Jasper beats wos yaw won’t be eating crow yaw will be eating lots of buzzard 
  13. If we win Barbey makes yaw sweat
  14. I think wos & jasper game could go either way wos is better but so is jasper. I was at wos game this week very close game going to 4 th quarter. Wos was losing 3 to 0 . Wos kept shooting there self in foot with turn overs . If there offense plays like that i believe jasper will win . Jasper has some injuries but no excuse next man up . May the best team wins & represent our area