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  1. Injury Report/Status

    He got hurt lifting weights leading up to at atlant game hurt elbow & 15 stitches in hand
  2. Injury Report/Status

    Hunt going to get special treatment on leg day he should be ready to go. Bluit should be ready also defensive back is a maybe
  3. Jasper 56 Atlanta 28/FINAL

    Jasper town should be ashamed of themselves their wasn't 300 people at that game. Atlanta had more people than we did. 
  4. Letter Jackets

    Still have mine from 44 years ago . Brings back memory's 
  5. You never know how these playoff games will go.Gilmer I don't think is strong as they been in the past. Hoping to see wos & Jasper in the state game. We will see in a few weeks.
  6. Tenaha v Colmesneil

    I remember one year Jasper came in third in district because we had a lot of players hurt.Got them well played for state that year. So if it wasn't 3 teams going that year Jasper would have stayed home
  7. Jasper VS Atlanta predictions

    Jasper by 2 to 3 scores
  8. Jasper 47 Tatum 7/FINAL

    28 to 0 Jasper halftime 
  9. Jasper at Tatum

    Jasper coming off their bye week .They should be ready little nicks healed up . Tatum played Rusk close 1st half.I think the Dawgs takes this one bye a couple scores.
  10. Iola 63 Colmesneil 0/FINAL

    Ok Colmesneil yaw see how it feels to get beet like this. When yaw play Burkville rennet that . Don't do like yaw did last year.
  11. Jasper 35 Rusk 28/FINAL

    Rusk better than I thought . They had 7 players going both ways . They were wore out at end of game
  12. Jasper 35 Rusk 28/FINAL

    Jasper 35 Rusk 28 final
  13. Newton looking for 2018 games

    It's rumored Jasper might play wos next year. Hope so!
  14. Newton looking for 2018 games

    My understanding it is in the books
  15. THis is Jasper Homecoming. I look for Barbey to let the  Dawgs go . I'm taking the Dawgs by 3 scores.