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  1. Realignment

    I can see Orangefield dropping down to 3A Div 1 
  2. La Marque

    Saw on twitter that the job is open.
  3. Tourney Thoughts

    Does anyone know the attendance at the state tournament  
  4. Tourney Thoughts

    Enjoyed it Congratulations to all the State Champions including our local team The Silsbee Tigers , it was my first time to witness a local team winning it all , looking forward to next year hope to see some more local teams in the Alamo City next year . 
  5. La Marque turned it around 
  6. Any updates on this game 
  7. 3A region 3

    I think the Hempstead & East Bernard game will be good 
  8. Any updates on this game 
  9. Tuesday in Splendora at 7:30 
  10. #1☆SILSBEE☆ Vs W.O.S.

    Game times still the same 5:00/6:30 
  11. Yes, winner of this district get La Marque in the 3rd round 
  12. Silsbee vs Hardin Jefferson

    Where this game being played at 
  13. District 11-3A D1 Week 9 Overview

    I thought the game was played in Kirbyville 
  14. Michael Cole not playing this year