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  1. I think just like College 
  2. Congratulations , District 23-3A All 4 teams advance to the 2nd Round 
  3. Buna at Anahuac/Post updates here!

    Whose winning 
  4. East Chambers vs La Marque

    Probably Lee College again 
  5. What time does the games start 
  6. Realignment

  7. Realignment

    Yeah , I saw a projection where Hitchcock could be in the district with  Anahuac, Buna , EC, Hardin, Kirbyville and Orangefield 
  8. Good match ups the next two weeks

    Thank you , is this the start time for the Varsity Boys 
  9. Good match ups the next two weeks

    What time will this game start 
  10. Just realize now that Orangefield dropping down to 3A, will this district become a 9 team district  or whats going to happen  Possibly District 23-3A next year Anahuac Buna Hardin Kirbyville Kountze Orangefield Port Arthur Bob Hope * Warren Winnie East Chambers
  11. Realignment

    I believe they will move Hempstead & Hitchcock back in Region 4
  12. Realignment

    District 11-3A Coldspring-Oakhurst Crockett Diboll Trinity Warren Woodville   District 12-3A Anahuac Buna Hardin Kirbyville Orangefield Winnie East Chambers