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  1. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Tickets for two game sessions will be $19 a piece at the Alamodome. Tickets will be sold starting Wednesday morning at the admin building here in Silsbee. The person on the phone did not know pricing yet.
  2. Silsbee vs Somerset

    The 6’7” player is their quarterback and received an offer to play quarterback for LSU when he was in jr high. His mother is a Detmer as in Ty Detmer. So, I expect him to be somewhat athletic but the 6’10” guy is a twig and doesn’t look particularly athletic.  The Tigers need to get a good lead so Somerset cannot stay in the slow down game. We should be ok judging by the videos I have seen as long as we don’t try to play their game. And they are not very deep so our running game should affect them a good bit.
  3. SportsJunkie has responded and I think he was appreciative of the game Silsbee played. Bayou on the other hand has disappeared. It was a great game. Nothing to be ashamed of. The Tigers stepped up at the right time. I am so proud of these young men. Now, they need to finish it.
  4. This is what we have all been waiting on. Hopefully it meets our expectations. May the best team win!!!

    After watching both games yesterday Silsbee will have to make better shot selection. Too many threes that were just heaved up without squaring up to the basket. Fatigue won’t be a factor but pressure could be for Yates. I expect to see Silsbee break the press easily but they must play better defense in the half court than they did yesterday, if Braylin and Jordan are hot from outside Silsbee will win. If not, Yates will have the advantage. The team that gets into foul trouble will have a hard time competing. Should be a good one!! Safe travels to all of the fans.
  6. Our basketball team won the district cross country meet. We don’t need to play 15 to win. Way to go Tigers!!! See ya Friday at SAM.
  7. I agree Cartwright and Harmon should get some playing time.
  8. They didn’t pressure much last Friday in the first half either. I think you are correct that he is as deep as last year and doesn’t want to wear the starters out too soon. The bench has to do better.
  9. Silsbee Beat Yates last year without our best player. What if anything else is different on Yates side this year?