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  1. SA up 37-6 at halftime!!
  2. Kirbyville vs Hardin

    Well, I guess if youre trashing your own kids team it makes it ok!  My apologies!
  3. District opener for these two.....  does San Augustine have a chance????
  4. Kirbyville vs Hardin

    I would bet that Kirbyville is still good enough to mop the floor with HD and the 4 horsemen!!  As a matter of fact doesnt HD have San Augustine this Friday???  HD may start the game with more than a few fans in the stands but by the start of the 4th not even parents, grandparents, and student bodies will still be hanging around. Shocked that somebody from HD would try and belittle another team for having a rebuilding season!  
  5. West Sabine 3 Grapeland 2/FINAL

    WS wins game 1 3-2.  
  6. For an 8th grader his the most impressive that I've seen since Justin Twine.
  7. I've seen him in basketball this year.  Any local varsity would loved to have had a kid built like him at rb this season.  He is a man among boys in the 8th grade!!
  8. San Augustine peeps, need your help

    Do yourself a favor and go to the Heart of Texas Grill.  While Mary Kay's is good the Texas Grill is better, plus it's on the way to the stadium.  I eat there at least monthly.
  9. San Augustine peeps, need your help

    There is a very good place on the Northeast side of the San Augustine Courthouse square.  "The Heart of Texas Grill"  located as 102 East Columbia San Augustine TX 75972.  Pretty neat place with very good fish, shrimp, and chicken fried steak.  Pretty cool restaurant!
  10. I will be in Jasper watching Newton manhandle EF!!
  11. I just don't see how this is anybody's business other than the coach and the admin..  In my business you will get your behind fired for talking employee salary.  Really, who's business is it???
  12. Hitchcock 56 Hardin 14/FINAL

    Instead of asking questions you already know the answers to you should ask for a mirror to take a good long look at.  
  13. Hitchcock 56 Hardin 14/FINAL

    See??  That's what's silly.  In Hardin 3 years is considered tenured and a long career.  Remember the part where I said something to the tune of you're a perfect example of the problems in Hardin.  Take a minute and read your own posts.
  14. Hitchcock 56 Hardin 14/FINAL

    You are a perfect example of why Hardin is and always will be a career killer for any coach the signs an employment contract there.  Tod Stark has been one of the most well respected and liked coaches at every school he has ever been to.  He is personable, gets involved in the community, demands respect from his student/athletes, and exemplifies good morals and character.  This sums up his reputation everywhere he has ever been.  Judging by the amount of community support he ended up getting in Hardin (a lot, for those that don't know) it seems that it was a select few board members and ex coaches that couldn't cut it that drove the final nail in his coffin.  Personal agendas over the well being of the school and athletic program.  By the way, until Stark left how was the Jr. High and JV programs doing?  As a new AD that is where you start.