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  1. Any updates before the game ends ? 
  2. This is going to be a battle til the end. 
  3. If Liberty wins.. Will the have to play HJ again ? For the tie breaker. 
  4. Liberty 69 Tarkington 48/FINAL

    Thats more like it 
  5. Good win for Liberty 
  6. Hopefully someone will keep us updated on this game. 
  7. Good win for Liberty. Hopefully they can do the same against Cleveland.
  8. Did Liberty win any ? 
  9. Liberty vs. Salado

    Anyone know anything about this Salado team ?  What's in store for Liberty ?
  10. Liberty 31 Shepherd 28/FINAL

    Lets Go Panthers !!! 
  11. Where's everyone going tonight ?? What's the game to watch ??