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  1. Bridge City At Silsbee

    Bridge City for the upset? Lol
  2. District play begins with a tough one. Can the Pirates keep it close or is big Hef going to put on a show for the Vidor fans in the house that English built?
  3. Vidor wins 62-49 led by Gavin Jarrell with 34 points, he scored their first 15 and poured in 23 of the Pirates 28 in the first half. +or- 2 on all these numbers, I didn’t keep the official book but needless to say he had a really good game.
  4. Vidor won by 16 points. 59-43 was the final score.
  5. Wow you guys really went in depth on this one, my guestimation that Vidor could possibly have beaten Shelbyville was simply because we played them without 3 of our starters. We had all of our players the next day, played well and beat Huffman. Who if I’m not mistaken took Shelbyville to overtime and lost by 2 points. So you see how one could deduce that it would be a completely different game and yes I think Vidor would have competed well against them with a full squad. But obviously we would’ve had no chance to beat them, thank you all for clearing that up for me.
  6. I think Vidor could have swept Pool B but we were missing several key players in both Thursday games. Played much better today with all of our starters but it is what it is. We’re Silver bracket B4 vs A3, does anyone have an idea who A3 might be?
  7. Vidor 93 Evadale 49/FINAL

    Final 93-49 Vidor.
  8. I already miss the bi-yearly ass whipping from Ozen and Central with the occasional upset. We had a good little district back in the day.
  9. I’m old enough to remember Boutte having Kendrick Perkins at his services, such a good coach.
  10. English took Vidor deep into the playoffs multiple times, haven’t done anything since. That seals it for me, we beat Ozen, we beat Central. We won in the playoffs, never again will anyone accomplish what he did in Vidor. We all play football here.
  11. Did he win with Vidor though?
  12. He made Vidor dominant, the man is a basketball genius.