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  1. Livingston is Open

    um...  please do tell.
  2. Agreed.  I am very surprised - not taking anything away from Dayton.  Best of luck to the NDN's next year, and best of luck to Dayton to make a deep run!
  3. Yes, they both have change in their pockets that should get them in the door.... 
  4. Statewide Score updates

    Onside kick recovered by College Station.  Good Season Buffs. College Station 49 Fort Bend Marshall    47 FINAL
  5. Statewide Score updates

    Fort Bend Marshall TOUCHDOWN -----   College Station 49 FB Marshall    47 10 seconds remaining in the gane 
  6. Manvel vs Angleton

    Go Angleton!
  7. Statewide Score updates

    FB Marshall STOPS College Station at the goal line.  4th and goal at the 8th yard line.  College Station going for it......      Touchdown College Station!!  49-40.    1:40 left in the 4th 
  8. Statewide Score updates

    College Station knocking on the door.  At the Marshall 20    1st & 10    3:44 to go 
  9. Statewide Score updates

  10. Statewide Score updates

    Cypress Fairbanks 31, Langham Creek 14    Final
  11. Seems like the NDN's need to find a way to beat College Station ISD!! .  Sent home two years in a row by CSHS last year and this year and apparently A&M Consolidated was giving us hell 30 years ago!!!  
  12. Great season PNG. Hold your heads high.  
  13. Missed tackles for PN-G. So many...... I can’t count that high.    Cant always outscore every opponent. You will eventually come head to head with someone who can stop you, and keep scoring.   Hello college station.  New year, same result. 
  14. PN-G vs College Station

    Teams to in December.