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  1. Hate to hear that for the kids.  
  2. Come on Indians.  Get it together.   Note to self..... Nederland just kicked a 48 yard field goal against Lumberton a few minutes ago.     
  3. Nederland 41 Lumberton 31/FINAL

    wow -- was that a 49 yard field goal for Ned????
  4. I think they have 4, twice:    1952-1955 1974-1977    
  5. Strong win for the Titans.  What has happened in Livingston?  Seem like they have had a few down years. Is it enrollment, talent, coaching or just outmatched?
  6. Correct me if I am mistaken; but should the NDN's punch a ticket to the 2017 playoffs; this will be the first time in school history that the varsity football team will have made the playoffs 5 years in a row? Granted; under the current format with four teams advancing - it is not a difficult task.  But was surprised to hear this if it is true. 
  7. Picture

    You click on your pic/account on the top, upper right hand corner of the page (where it shows your messages or emails) and pull that arrow down.  That will give you a list of items; one being Profile.  Choose that, and on your profile pic, there should be a camera icon; click that and it should allow you to Upload, import or remove.
  8. Port Neches-Groves @ Beaumont Central

    I completely understand and agree.  Officiating seems to have been an issue over the past few years (suffered by almost all of the teams at one point or another).  It is horrible when you suffer a loss and can pin point calls made (not at all or in your teams favor) and the outcome would have possibly been different. However; you also can review game tapes and find multiple mistakes your team could have capitalized or scored on a particular drive or situation that wouldn't have you leaning up against the ropes looking for someone to blame over a one or two score loss.  Much respect or PA.  They have a well coached team with many stand out athletes.  But they had many opportunities to put points on the board and come out with a win that would make this whole "bad officiating" excuse irreverent.    
  9. Port Neches-Groves @ Beaumont Central

    SO....  If we don't win; we just get all of our fans and posters to come on here and bash the officials and complain about how terrible the officiating was and on how they cost us the game??  Is that how this works now????...  Ummmm ----okay.     PN-G by 14
  10. Yet; it was enough to send you home with the L. 
  11. Congratulations to the Lady Eagles on a great season.